Black History Month
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In the Eastern region of the state — which includes Champaign-Urbana, Danville and Kankakee — temperatures last week averaged 6 degrees below the norm and precipitation last week was less than half the norm.


Phantom votes

Wed, 7:00am

There's nothing like a civics lesson Illinois-style. Legislators are recorded as voting for a plan even though they were not only not present but not even in favor of the proposed spending.



Chances are, if you live around here, you know about and are possibly running in or volunteering for the Christis Clinic Illinois Marathon and its assorted races this weekend. I decided to take this opportunity to share some running-related recipes


News-Gazette arts and entertainment reporter Melissa Merli has staffed Ebertfest since its inception. Here are some of her most memorable moments or movies, by year.


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