Behind the Mic (March 2012)

Behind the Mic (March 2012)

Groce Makes A Good First Impression

For all the up and down emotions of the last few weeks as the Illini coaching search was was refreshing to actually have a press conference and have the man who got the job address the fans and media all around the state of Illinois on Thursday afternoon. 

Where Does Illinois Rank In The College Basketball World?

Working off of lists is always kind of dangerous when it comes to trying to make a judgement on just about anything in this world.  The reason it is tough is because the lists being discussed are always subjective to the opinion of the person doing the list.  Everything from the 10 most powerful people in the the 100 most beautiful people in the world...and everything in be

Sad Ending To A Once Promising Season...And a Personal Note

The Illini basketball season basically mirrored the football season from last fall.  Great start.  High hopes at mid-season for a desirable post-season destination (major bowl game or NCAA Tournament).  Then momentum seemed to turn on a dime and both seasons came crashing down in a staggering number of losses.  Those mid-season collapses wound up costing both Ron Zook and Br

It Might Be a Longshot...But I Have Four Scorecards Ready To Go

I have given numerous "talks" over the years to various groups around the state of Illinois about my job as the " Voice of the Illini".  I always enjoy those visits....meeting new people...and just talking Illini "stuff".

Illini in Series of "Play-In Games"

In a lot of basketball tournaments there is a dreaded "play-in" game.  A game where a couple of lower seeds have to fight each other to get into the first full day of the event.  Most times....the winner of the play-in game earns the right to face the top seed in the tourney.