2012 election

2012 election

Reluctant Townie: What is a millionaire Mormon businessman to do?

If there is one thing that the 2012 presidential election has taught us as a nation, it's that Mitt Romney's underwear is not as magical as we previously believed.

Tom Kacich: Turnout doomed Dems locally

The big story of Tuesday's election was turnout — the lack of it.

In Illinois it appears that about 430,000 fewer votes were cast this year than in 2008. The actual number won't be known until all ballots are counted and the results are certified by the State Board of Elections, but clearly there was at least a 5 percent drop in voting.

Hartman, pollster downplay role in 13th outcome

Neither John Hartman nor a Springfield-based pollster believe that Hartman, the independent candidate in the 13th Congressional District race, is the reason that Republican Rodney Davis won the three-way contest.

Gill concedes 13th District race to Davis

BLOOMINGTON — Almost 70 hours after polls closed, Democrat David Gill Friday night conceded the 13th Congressional District race to Republican Rodney Davis.

Urbana mayor will look into ballot questions that passed

URBANA — Mayor Laurel Prussing says she will look in to how to address two ballot questions that city voters this week overwhelmingly approved.

Nearly 72 percent of voters said they would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that money should not be regarded as political speech and private campaign spending should be regulated.

Gill campaign won't concede 13th District race

BLOOMINGTON — Democratic congressional candidate David Gill, trailing by 1,287 votes out of 293,146 cast in the 13th District race, is refusing to concede defeat.

The Gill campaign Wednesday released a statement that said it was doing what it could "to ensure that no one who tried to vote in this election was left out."

Vermilion GOP members discuss county board chair

DANVILLE - The Vermilion County Republicans plan to caucus in the next two weeks to discuss who will be the first Republican county board chairman in more than 20 years.

Early ballots don't change Vermilion recorder race

DANVILLE — Republican Thomas M. O'Shaughnessy of Catlin maintained the lead in the Vermilion County recorder of deed's race, even after Danville and the county's 3,786 early/absentee voter ballots were tabulated late Tuesday night.

O'Shaughnessy defeated Democratic challenger Nikki Bogart of Danville in the only contested race for a countywide office in Vermilion County.

UI polling group gets presidential race almost right

With the dust settled from the election, one group at the University of Illinois is patting itself on the back.

Gill not giving up on close 13th District race

CHAMPAIGN — A defiant Democratic congressional candidate David Gill told supporters early Wednesday morning that he won't concede to Republican Rodney Davis in Illinois' 13th District race, and that he still thinks he'll win the race.