About Survey Questions

About Survey Questions

On Thursday August 29th, we began a trial partnership with Google, Inc. to display micro-surveys on our site that must be answered in order to view the requested content. 

The micro-surveys are one or two questions in length, and should take very little time to answer. Once an answer has been provided, no additional surveys will be presented for 24 hours. We have attempted to make this as unobstrusive for the casual reader as possible.

All answers provided are completely anonymous, and The News-Gazette does not have access to any data from survey responses. The questions presented have been developed by companies contracting with Google to collect market research data.

If you are finding the surveys troublesome either due to the nature of the questions or the fact that they are preventing immediate access to the content you're trying to view,  we have a few suggestions:

  • Become a digital subscriber. Active digital subscribers are not asked to answer survey questions. If you're a print subscriber, it's already included in the price you pay.  If not, we offer a very affordable digital-only subscription. You can sign-up and receive instant access by following this link.
  • Request a different question. At the lower-left of the survey panel, there is a link that will allow you to request a different question. Click it to answer something else.
  • Perform an alternative action. Share the content via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and you'll receive access as if you'd answered the survey question.

This change is a continuation of our strategy to seek out new revenue models. We use this revenue as a means to fund ongoing improvements to our journalistic endeavors and the digital properties on which those endeavors are published. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of The News-Gazette, Inc. as we continue evolving our business model to provide the type of quality journalism that is so important to the communities we serve.