August 2003

August 2003

Be our guess

   Today''s predictions on the Illinois season include:

Strong ready for relentless attack in '03

CHAMPAIGN – It's a little-known fact that he is a certified scuba diver, and that on occasion, Derrick Strong has been known to swim with sharks. Actual sharks.

You think an offensive lineman is going to make him sweat after that? Well, maybe a little.

Illini coach settling in for second season

CHAMPAIGN  Before Illinois athletic director Ron Guenther hired Janet Rayfield as his women''s soccer coach last summer, he had a long list of questions for the North Carolina graduate.

And one of them was a whopper.

Illinois attorney general issues Allerton opinion

SPRINGFIELD – Attorney General Lisa Madigan has advised the chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court to stay out of the debate over the University of Illinois' proposed sale of farmland near Allerton Park.

But the effect of the opinion on the potential sale depends on whom you ask. Proponents of the sale say Madigan's advice means it can go forward; opponents say they think the opinion would prevent the sale.

Dishonesty breeds more dishonesty

   Many decades ago, when cheating wasn''t nearly as sophisticated as today, the exact UI Rhetoric 101 final exam was pulled from a secret fraternity file and presented to our pledge class.

   On test day, some elected to miss a couple questions so as not to raise suspicion.

Shedding light on outage

This month's massive electrical blackout was a wake-up call heralding the need for improvements, including federal oversight, in the nation's power transmission system, a University of Illinois professor says.

The good news: Transmission is a relatively small part of electricity bills, about 10 percent, said UI Professor George Gross. Capacity – new power-generating facilities – is the big cost and there was a healthy 25 percent margin left in the Northeast region hit by the blackout.

Survey says

We''ve asked Illinois football players for some of their favorites. Today''s panelists are tight end Anthony McClellan and safety Marc Jackson.

Illinois football practice report

   The Illini finished the preparations in Champaign with a short practice Thursday.


Missouri quarterback quick to pass the buck on his successes

   COLUMBIA, Mo.  Brad Smith seems like a nice enough guy, so you don''t get the idea he''s pulling your leg when he says his life isn''t much different than a year ago.

   It''s just hard to believe.

Peer Court catches eye of other communities

DANVILLE – Liya Hussmann Rogers gets excited when someone from another community calls with questions about Vermilion County's Peer Court program.

"That means they're considering a program in their area," said Hussmann Rogers, executive director of the youth court program. "I think that the program can benefit kids everywhere, not just here."