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Ben Folds visiting the Canopy Club

Pianist Ben Folds, with vocalist Kadhja Bonet, will perform Saturday night at The Canopy Club in Urbana.

The show is sold out, but VIP tickets are available.

Flordia Georgia Line opener returning to his roots

CHAMPAIGN — Ryan Follese is having a ball joining Florida Georgia Line on their current tour.

He's out promoting his new EP, "Put A Label On It," and working on a new full-length album, and the fun part is performance, he says.

That's even though he got his start as a songwriter — a skill he shares with his parents. He also has roots in rock 'n' roll.

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Whatever happened to ... Garth Brooks' historic visit

CHAMPAIGN — When he played The University of Illinois' Assembly Hall in 1997 for three consecutive shows March 7, 8 and 9, Garth Brooks thrilled more than 49,000 fans who were fortunate enough to score tickets that sold out in less than three hours.

Studio Visit: Derek Linzy

Derek Linzy, 36, of Champaign is a music producer and engineer and musician who will lead the first of four National Endowment for the Arts-funded Open Scene workshops at the Independent Media Center in Urbana.

How did you end up being selected for Open Scene?

Rosemary Laughlin: Final 'Bear' piece will challenge your mind


Sequels are common with successful movies, less so with live drama. Here we have the third piece of a trilogy in a much larger hybrid project of art and science, "The Unreliable Bestiary." Its scope is creative, its fulfillment inventive.

Rich Warren: A question about varying TV picture sizes

TV used to be so square. We've become so accustomed to wide screens that the old 4:3 aspect ratio seems as quaint as old sepia photographs. Yet, sometimes even on our new 16:9 widescreen TVs, pictures don't always fill the screen.

Here's a reader query about that:

Richard J. Leskosky: Bugs on the big screen

With the relatively warm weather we've been having lately, you might actually see some insects flying around outdoors. But you can definitely see some indoors — alive, mounted or on film — on Saturday at the 34th annual Insect Fear Film Festival.

Frank's Faves: Alien-encounter movies

This special edition: You don't have to be a crackpot to see flying saucers. Just a movie fan.