Here's the restaurant guide from Tom Kacich's column

Here's the restaurant guide from Tom Kacich's column

Tom Kacich's column Sunday in The News-Gazette is about a restaurant guide from the Urbana Free Library archives. Attached is a pdf file of the guide, and here are a couple photos we found of the places mentioned in it.

From the column:

"It's almost like an archeological find, a peek back at a different culture, a different landscape, a different people.

"Except it isn't. It's just a restaurant guide from the Pre-Internet era, which came sometime after the Cretaceous period. This unpretentious pamphlet — a discovery by the good people at the Urbana Free Library archives — doesn't have a date on it, but I would guess it's from about 1977. It's called "A Guide to 75 Good Eateries in Champaign-Urbana." And it's a blast from the past."

We're also linking here to a photo gallery that we'd welcome your submissions for. Do you have pictures of Trito's or Bubby and Zadies or the Lamplighter or the Jolly Roger? Submit them to the gallery!


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Ellen wrote on February 19, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Thanks Tom! It was great to think about my old haunts. The food at some of these places was wonderful, but back then, we thought the prices were astronomical, and today you couldn't touch anything for the prices we paid then! Even the reasonably priced places, ie Garcia's pizza, where once you could buy a whole pizza for the price you pay today for a slice. 

It was a WONDERFUL trip down memory lane. Thanks again.