Iron Post hosting Morris Ardoin

Iron Post hosting Morris Ardoin

URBANA — Morris Ardoin, who is from a legendary Creole music family in Louisiana, will return Thursday evening to The Iron Post in Urbana to perform with fiddler Dennis Stroughmatt and guitarist-bassist Rob Krumm.

"At 78, Mr. Morris is going strong so come out to see him if you can and enjoy the music," Krumm said.

The cover is $6.

Ardoin usually visits the area at this time every year as part of a Midwest tour with Stroughmatt. This year, he, Krumm and Stroughmatt also will perform Wednesday at the Focal Point in Maplewood, Mo.; Friday at Ron's Cajun Connection in Utica; and Saturday at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis.

Ardoin, who plays accordion and fiddle, is now the elder statesman of the Ardoin family, recognized in Louisiana and beyond as the first family of traditional Creole and zydeco music. The 2007 death of his father, accordion player Alphonse Ardoin, merited an article in The New York Times.

Morris Ardoin began performing with his father and brothers in the 1970s in the Ardoin Family Orchestra; it played several times at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Also part of the Ardoin family was Amede Ardoin (1898-1941), a pioneering accordion player who was known for his fine vocals and is often credited with laying the groundwork for Cajun and Creole music in the early 20th century. Many of Amede Ardoin's tunes define the basic repertoire for many Cajun and zydeco bands.