Updated: Harvest Moon hits goal to stay open

Updated: Harvest Moon hits goal to stay open

Updated 9:29 p.m. Tuesday.

GIBSON CITY — The show will go on at the Harvest Moon Twin Drive-in this spring.

Harvest Moon owner Mike Harroun said a $10,000 donation received Tuesday from Neal Tire in Gibson City allowed the drive-in to meet its overall $165,000 fund raising goal.

The money will allow the drive-in to buy digital projectors necessary for the facility to present films this spring.

"This was the last money we needed to purchase the equipment," said Harvest Moon manager Ben Harroun.

Ben Harroun said he placed a deposit to order the digital equipment, and he was waiting on Tuesday night to get an installation date from the supplier.

Ben Harroun said the new projectors will deliver a crisper and brighter picture.

"You can only do so much with film," Harroun said. "The new projectors will fill the whole screen as an actual square with a consistent picture throughout."

This spring Harvest Moon will feature an ultra-high definition system called "4K" that Ben Harroun said will display four times the resolution of a Blu-ray movie.

Harvest Moon will also feature 100 percent digital sound.

"If you have the right kind of car with an HD audio system, you can actually listen to the movie in surround sound," Ben Harroun said.

Ben Harroun said the money will also pay for items other than the digital equipment.

The marquee, snack bar, gift shop and restrooms will be refurbished, and the old-time carousel will be painted with a new canopy.

Mike Harroun said more than 800 individuals and companies made contributions to the drive-in.

"It seemed like everybody pitched in," he said.

Mike Harroun said the drive-in will reopen on March 29 with "GI Joe: Retaliation" and "Oz: The Great and Powerful."

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serf wrote on February 26, 2013 at 6:02 pm

WOW!  Great news!


I must admit I was a closet pessimist on this, even though I donated a small amount of money in person during one of my trips there last year.  Can't wait for summer!


Let's all remember where some of these bigger donations came from and pay them back in the form of our business.

sweet caroline wrote on February 26, 2013 at 8:02 pm

That's a great idea, Serf!  I'm in!  How do we find out who all the business donors are?  We know about Neal Tire (thank you, Neal Tire), but what other businesses can we support?