Ogden festival hurting for volunteers

Ogden festival hurting for volunteers

The Ogden Celebration is in danger of not happening.

The festival, which occurs in June, is in desperate need of volunteers, said event organizer Sue Esposito,

Esposito said there are four volunteers working on the festival.

"With four volunteers we may be able to pull off a car show," she said.

Esposito said volunteers are needed to organize and run the kid games, parade and entertainment and set up vendors.

"It takes approximately eight to 10 people to organize the festival events and between 10-20 volunteers to be present the day of the festival," Esposito said.

"Our current members are burnt out," she said. "We don't feel appreciated and therefore are not motivated to continue."

Esposito said she hopes Ogden residents volunteer because the festival has been successful and allowed the community to come together.

Esposito said without volunteers there will be no kid games, vendors, parade or entertainment.

"There will basically be a car show," she said. "We are currently debating on whether we want a car show or not."

Esposito said if the festival moves ahead it will be held June 8.

To volunteer, contact OgdenCelebrate@gmail.com.