Revamped Elsinore ready for live shows

Revamped Elsinore ready for live shows

Oliver Groff, a handsome 8-month-old future musician, lets out a howl.

"He's a singer, just like me," says dad Ryan Groff, a founder of the band Elsinore, who also has solo projects.

One of his projects is a new place to practice and record, Perennial Sound Studio, in his Champaign backyard.

It's in its finishing stages, and another band is already recording there.

He also teaches there, part of his stay-at-home dad lifestyle.

"Oliver enjoys the music," he said.

Elsinore has been around since 2004, formed from a base of Eastern Illinois University music majors who then moved to Champaign.

Their Parasol records include "Nothing For Design" and "Yes Yes Yes," and band members are recording some more right now.

But it's been more than six months since the band played live, and in May it will return to the clubs with a new lineup.

"We made the record, it's getting finished up now, and we've been rehearsing to prepare for a Midwest mini-tour in May," Groff said.

The band is booking a month's worth of weekend shows around the Midwest to debut the new lineup, featuring Groff, Mark Woolwine on keyboards and newcomers James Treichler on drums and Brad Threlkeld on bass.

The former bass player and drummer left the band in October, five days before Elsinore was supposed to go into Pogo Studio to record with Beau Sorenson, a producer from Portland.

Among artists Sorenson has worked with are Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould, Superchunk, Yellow Ostrich, All Tiny Creatures, Mr. Gnome, Jars of Clay, Clive Tanaka, Camera Obscura, Chants, Field Report, Youngblood Brass Band, Minor Characters and Bailiff.

He has engineered or assisted on sessions with Chris Walla, Tucker Martine, Butch Vig, Brandon Mason, Dangermouse, Al Weatherhead and Ryan Hewitt.

"At Pogo, we did two weeks of tracking, which was the bulk of the record," Groff said.

The first local stops are May 3 at Cowboy Monkey, 6 E. Taylor St., C, and May 4 at Mike 'N Molly's, 105 N. Market St., C.

Groff said the new band has jelled with some pleasant surprises, including some jazz influences. He's eager to put the band out live and has done some solo work, including a recent gig at Cream & Flutter in Champaign.

"Things are really looking up," he said, and Oliver seemed to agree.

If you go 1

What: Elsinore with Grandkids and Minor Characters

When: 10 p.m. May 3 (doors open at 9)

Where: Cowboy Monkey, 6 E. Taylor St., C

Tickets: $10 at the door; must be 19 or older to enter

If you go 2

What: Elsinore with Common Loon and KO

When: 9 p.m. May 4 (doors open at 8)

Where: Mike 'N Molly's, 105 N. Market St., C

Tickets: $10 at the door; must be 19 or older to enter

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