'Four-Legged Miracles' truly heartwarming

'Four-Legged Miracles' truly heartwarming

If you own a dog or dogs, there's no doubt that you understand the special bond between dog and man. There's a reason young and old know the popular saying: "Dog is man's best friend."

It's the same reason there are doggie day cares, dog parks, dog movies and dog books. Human beings around the world are crazy about our four-legged friends.

These are the same reasons Brad and Sherry Steiger decided to write their latest inspirational book about the bond between dog and owner. In "Four-Legged Miracles," the Steigers tell stories of some amazing dogs and the journeys they took to come home. Some of them faced insurmountable odds; but the drive to find their families kept them going, sometimes for hundreds of miles and months of traveling, until the dogs were reunited with their humans.

"Four-Legged Miracles" reveals true, heartwarming, and inspirational stories that the authors gathered from friends, co-workers and strangers who told their stories to them.

The book is divided into chapters that focus on different types of journeys that these pets took, from dogs that found their way back home to ones that were left behind and found their owners' new homes!

Chapters also discuss dogs carried away by nature, pets that were dog-napped, dogs that went overboard and more.

Tips are included in the end of the book in chapters titled, "Common Reasons Dogs Go Missing" and "Helpful Tips to Help You Find Your Lost Dog."

If you read the incredible stories in this book, you'll find out about Raymond, the owner of a cocker spaniel named Buster. Raymond lived in an apartment and let one of his neighbors, who he thought about asking on a date, watch Buster one day.

When Raymond returned home, Buster was nowhere to be found. The girl had let a couple of young boys take Buster home with them, with a promise to return him by 5 p.m., which they did not do. After much searching for several days, Raymond was devastated and mad at himself. Then another neighbor said he should go take a look at the pool. Sure enough, by the fence, there was Buster: He had found his way home!

Even stranger are stories about dogs who were lost or left in one location and then found their owners at a new house.

Take for example another cocker spaniel named Whisper. The authors write, "Scott Perry said the return of Whisper, their cocker spaniel, to their family was a true miracle."

Whisper had been missing for 18 months and disappeared when the Perry family lived in Freehold Township, New Jersey. The family moved 13 miles away from their home while their dog was missing and gave up hope, believing that Whisper was gone for good.

One day, Perry walked out of his apartment and saw some children playing with a cocker spaniel. He thought the dog resembled Whisper, so he took a chance and called the dog's name. Sure enough, Whisper came running over, excited to see his former owner.

Both authors have an extensive publishing history — writing 44 books together — and several others on their own. They often write about "the inspirational, the miraculous and the mysterious."

They have two more miracle books: "Christmas Miracles" and "Dog Miracles" and have appeared in several episodes of the syndicated series, "Could It Be a Miracle?"

All the stories in "Four-legged Miracles" have happy endings, although some recount horrifying details of dog abuse while the pets were separated from their families.

If you are a dog lover or know one, this book is for you! It will help you appreciate your pet — while also thinking about his or her safety and well-being.

Margo L. Dill is the author of "Finding My Place: One Girl's Strength at Vicksburg," a middle-grade historical fiction novel. She often reviews books as a columnist for "WOW! Women On Writing" e-zine and her blog, "Margo Dill's Read These Books and Use Them" (http://margodill.com/blog/). She lives in St. Louis with her family.

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