Institute 4 Creativity offering classes, concerts

Institute 4 Creativity offering classes, concerts

CHAMPAIGN — The Institute 4 Creativity, 111 S. Walnut, is open in downtown Champaign, offering classes, concerts and other events.

The nonprofit I4C is the first institution of its kind in the region that's open to the general public, offering curricula focused exclusively on the study and practical application of creativity, according to a news release.

"Why is creativity important? Creativity is essential for personal, professional and social vitality," according to an I4C release. "Creative innovation is essential for problem solving and advancement across all fields. It is imperative to sustain and promote creative development. Creativity is the engine of a healthy and vibrant community."

I4C Director Bill Longfellow said the new institution also believes creativity is a tangible and invaluable resource.

"We also believe everyone is creative," he said. "The mission of I4C is to provide the space and resources to help individuals and groups discover and strengthen their creative abilities and fulfill their creative aspirations."

The institute was founded in 2012 to provide networking and collaboration by cultivating a synergy of education, arts, humanities, science, technology and ecology.

Besides a curriculum, I4C offers shared studio space and facility rental for special occasions. More information is at

The institute is open only during classes and events. Upcoming events include:

— "Yes You Can! An Introduction to Creativity," presented by Longfellow, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, with repeat sessions every Wednesday through Nov. 13.

— "Express Yourself! An Intro to Creative Writing," presented by author J.T. Hartke. The six-week course meets from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. starting Wednesday and running through Nov. 13.

— Improvisers Exchange @ I4C, presented by pianist Thollem McDonas (see sidebar).

For more information, contact Longfellow at or call him at 417-6773.

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