'Slices of Life' features work by UI journalism students

'Slices of Life' features work by UI journalism students

"Slices of Life," a new paperback published by The News-Gazette Inc., is available to buy in person or online.

At $14.95, the collection of stories authored by University of Illinois journalism students and originally published in The News-Gazette can be purchased at the newspaper's office, 15 Main St., C, or at http://bit.ly/1dw5coM.

"The stories in this book appeared originally in The News-Gazette and grew from a collaborative effort between the newspaper and the Department of Journalism at the University of Illinois," book editor Walt Harrington wrote on his website. "The idea was to give aspiring student journalists in my Literary Feature Writing class a taste of real-world experience by seeing their stories appear in the paper and to give the paper's readers more stories that might touch their humanity.

"The field of journalism has a long tradition of humanized feature reporting and writing. In recent decades, the form has become more sophisticated by integrating drama, telling detail, scene-setting, conversational dialogue, drama, intrigue and emerging insight into its factual storytelling. Ideally, such stories are not collections of information but explorations of ideas through individuals — ambition, grief, hate, creativity, companionship, love (of people, music, birds), faith, excellence, growth.

"These stories are a collection of 'tone poems' that evoke in us a richer understanding of the anonymous people with whom we mingle daily, people who at first glance seem different from us — richer or poorer, younger or older, more educated or less, gay or straight, religious or agnostic, black or white. What such stories are meant to do is remind us that beneath all of that we are much the same.

"So read the stories in 'Slices of Life' and feel the sensation of being inside another human being's skin — his hopes and dreams, her fears and ambitions, the yearning to live a meaningful life."

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