Great Cover Up offers trip down Memory Lane

Great Cover Up offers trip down Memory Lane

CHAMPAIGN — Memories light the corners of my mind ...

Is anybody up for a Barbra Streisand cover version? Because the Great Cover Up is returning for the 23rd time tonight, Friday, Sunday and Jan. 23-24 at the Highdive, 51 Main Street, C.

Per tradition, popular local bands dress up like, and perform the songs of, the great and not-so-great performers of the world.

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The event, well into its third decade, has created a lot of memories. Here are some, courtesy of a few local musicians.

Lynn Canfield of the Brat Pack:

"The first time I did a Cover Up, it was members of The Moon Seven Times plus Williwaw (on ukulele!) covering Alice Cooper. We dressed up, but only a little. Maybe we had a rubber snake and a TV — or maybe I just wish we did.

"The next year, we had the entire Moon Seven Times covering Van Halen, and some were completely in costume, tribute-style. We had a hot young guest dancer dressed in a blue bikini during 'Hot for Teacher.' I was excited about the David Lee Roth costume hidden under that coat — tight pants with long white fringe and some other frilly stuff.

"More recently I've enjoyed being a guest backup singer, stage-prop for Angie Heaton (I was Kenny Rogers to her Dolly Parton for part of that show) and Brother Embassy (always a party)."

Angie Heaton, the blonde country/pop/punk goddess, got a chance to cover one of her favorite bands:

"The year I did Fleetwood Mac, I was completely sober, and was so nervous about the show and managed to throw myself down those side stairs at Mabel's on my way to the stage, 'just like a white winged dove.'

"I think it was my best Stevie Nicks impression to date. Platform shoes are not my forte!"

Concert booker Seth Fein used to play in Absinthe Blind. He remembers the band covering Michael Jackson in 1999:

"Absinthe Blind was still not very 'popular' with the downtown scene, and we blew the roof off the place.

"Our guitarist's father is a British man, with a deep cockney accent, and we had him dress up like a vampire for 'Thriller' and do the Vincent Price rap at the end, while about 10 of our friends dressed as ghouls and zombies and walked through the crowd in character.

"The applause was deafening and it changed the way a lot of people looked at us.

"Side note: later that night, my girlfriend got engaged to her ex-boyfriend. So it was a very eventful night for me."

If you go

What: 23rd annual Great Cover Up

When: Evenings today, Friday, Sunday and Jan. 23-24

Where: The Highdive, 51 Main Street, C

Tickets: $5 to $7

More information:

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