Health-care film to debut here

Health-care film to debut here

CHAMPAIGN — Composer and health-care activist Susan Parenti will debut her feature-length film, "Health Care in All the Wrong Places," at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Art Theater Co-op, 126 W. Church St.

The comedy was made in Champaign-Urbana.

"It could be considered an 'independent' film, but I think of it as an 'interdependent' film in that a group of us in Champaign-Urbana helped make it happen, acting as crew, actors, cover designers, musicians, etc.," Parenti said.

She wrote and directed and will be at the gala screening, as will the cast and crew, musicians, filmmaker Bodgan Heretoiu and Dr. Patch Adams.

"The film is Monty Python-esque, starting with a scene of Patch Adams as a patient in a waiting room, and then all the other scenes have sick people looking for health care in a bank, at a manicure parlor, from their postal person, in a church, etc. — and doctors searching for patients in a high school, in a car, in a library," she said.

For more, to go A DVD of the movie will be available after the premiere.

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