Stories behind the winning photos from camera club contest

Stories behind the winning photos from camera club contest

The News-Gazette asked all eight winners in the 13th Champaign County Camera Club Photographic Print Competition to describe their first-place entries. The photo prints are on display through Feb. 23 at Lincoln Square Village in Urbana; you can see the second- and third-place entries in a gallery at

Here are the photo title, category, winner and the winner's description:

"Lock on Eternity"


Jim Lansford, Champaign

"It's a lock on a mausoleum in Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe, Ohio. I took it in February or March this last year. I was just walking around the cemetery and it just jumped out at me. I don't think there was a name on the mausoleum but it had to be a fairly prominent family."

"Scattered Showers"


Keri Sims, Monticello

"I was in Jacksonville, Fla., last May visiting my best friend who lives down there. She and her son ran into a store to look at something and it was raining so I stayed in the car. I leaned back and saw these water drops on the sun roof and thought they were beautiful so pulled out my smart phone and took a picture."

"Moment on Water"


Vandana Bajikar, Bloomington

"That is actually from the Zion National Park in Utah. It's a piece of a small rapids in the Virgin River. So what you see is the reflection of the red rock and the sky in the water."

"Mordancage No. 2"


Claire Daly, Champaign

"It's part of a series of 12 pieces in which I explore Mordancage, an alternative photographic process. It's all film so I took a friend's photograph, developed the film, enlarged the picture and then soaked it in the Mordancage chemicals in my darkroom at home."

"Aruba Nobility"


Linda Coleman, Champaign

"I took this in January 2013 when I was on a cruise and walking around one of the parks in Aruba. I saw several of the iguanas and started snapping shots. They're fairly quiet animals and I'm sure they're used to people being around. They hang out right next to the water."

"Aspen Valley"


Derek Liebert, Champaign

"I took this photo this past fall at the Maroon Bells in Maroon Creek Valley near Aspen. The aspens were peaking with a golden color. There was a snowfall overnight and I got there first thing in the morning and saw this clump of aspens with the snow-dusted pines in the background."



Becky Mead, Urbana

"It's my daughter, Sarah Stelzer. We were in northern Wisconsin over Christmas, skiing. It was sub-zero every day. When you cross-country ski you breathe hard and you end up with your bangs, your eyebrows and your lashes all frosted. I thought it was so pretty."

"Which Way to Go"


Sarah Stelzer, 12, Urbana

"I was in Alaska with my family and we took a train ride to see a bunch of mountains. We were going toward a tunnel and I went to the back of our car, outside. What you see is the reflection of another train car on the window of our car."

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dw wrote on February 19, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Third place, Animals
Yore Kedem, Urbana
Dragonfly Posing

Cool photo, but it's actually a damselfly, not a dragonfly.  Dragonflys hold their wings  "spread out" or horizontal at rest: