Sky Gallery to show works of seven artists

Sky Gallery to show works of seven artists

CHAMPAIGN — Seven local artists soon will see their work writ large — on 10-by-30-foot billboards around Champaign-Urbana.

The billboards are part of Sky Gallery, a collaboration between Adams Outdoor Advertising and 40 North 88 West Champaign County Arts, Culture and Entertainment Council.

The boards will be posted during the 2014 Boneyard Arts Festival, which is April 10-13. The artists whose work will be featured in the rotating Sky Gallery are:

— Maria Lux and Jane Desmond, "Don't Throw Rocks."

— Jamie Kruidenier, "Pennsylvania."

— Carol Farnum, "The Other Side."

— Jason Patterson, "New Americans: Our Mutual Improvement & Social Elevation."

— Robert Chapman, "Becky's Woods #7."

— Lisa Kesler, "Dispersal."

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