Answers to Roger Ebert quiz

Answers to Roger Ebert quiz

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Answer Key to Roger Ebert quiz

1) "We like to tell people we were 'introduced by Ann Landers'" because the advice columnist was dining with him when he spotted Chaz at another table. "I liked her looks, her voluptuous figure and the way she presented herself. She took a lot of care with her appearance and her clothes never looked quickly thrown together. She seemed to be holding the attention of her table," the critic wrote in "Life Itself."

2) He loved dogs. He wrote: "Dogs remember every favor you ever do for them and store those events in a memory bank titled 'Why My Human Is A God.'"

His childhood dog was Blackie.

3) The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was the first critic to be so honored.

4) B. The Stanford Democrat-Republican.

5) The Hamburger Hamlet on Chicago's Rush Street.

6) The much-missed Vriner's.

7) "North."

8) He was an early investor in Google.

9) The film was Russ Meyer's "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls." The band was Strawberry Alarm Clock, best known for "Incense and Peppermints."

10) The late Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune.

11) His father was an electrician on the Urbana campus. He advised his son to emulate the English professors, who he said got paid to read.

12) Vincent Gallo, director and star of "The Brown Bunny." Ebert wrote: "I thought it was the worst film in the history of the festival. That was hyperbole — I hadn't seen every film in the history of the festival — but I was still vibrating from one of the most disastrous screenings I had ever attended." After Gallo referred to Ebert as fat, the critic responded "It is true that I am fat, but one day, I will be thin, and he will still be the director of 'The Brown Bunny.'"

13) Journalism. He took several classes with the late English professor Daniel Curley, who later co-wrote "The Perfect London Walk" with him.

Editor's note: An earlier version of these answers included an incorrect answer for question 13.

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