Author stresses importance of motherhood

Author stresses importance of motherhood

Any book about motherhood catches my attention, as I'm currently at the stage in my life where this role consumes my daily thoughts and activities. "Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role" by Erin Davis stood out among the countless parenting books because it promises to show how the daily tasks of changing dirty diapers and dealing with toddler tantrums are not the greater purpose of motherhood.

Davis is a Christian and bases her beliefs and teachings in Bible scriptures. She states in the beginning, "Motherhood is not revered as a sacred role. Career is king. The modern equation leaves little room for children. I believe this is one of the greatest tragedies of our time."

She goes on to write that in the Bible, the role of motherhood and "the value of bearing and nurturing life" is often discussed and revered. With her book, she wants to assure women and mothers that "the value of motherhood is most important in the heart of every woman."

Chapter topics range from welcoming a baby into the world, choosing not to have children, Jesus coming to Earth through Mary, finding support through other moms and more.

Each chapter includes Davis' personal experiences as a mom, Bible scripture to support her ideas, advice from other women and questions to help mothers reading the book "connect the dots."

These questions are one of the reasons why this book is so helpful. Davis states in the first chapter, "At the end of each chapter, we'll have some thought-provoking questions for you to respond to and connect these thoughts to your life." These questions can help mothers reflect on their own lives during individual quiet time and they help make "Beyond Bath Time" the perfect book club book for a moms' group.

In the end of the book, Davis invites readers to join a Mom Makeover. This is not a spa day or getting hair and nails done. She is challenging moms to go to her website,, and sign up for a 30-day makeover. Davis will send 30 days of Bible study, questions and action steps to email inboxes. Readers can also check in with other moms for support on this website. Then she provides an example of the emails in the next couple pages of the book to see if this is something you would be interested in.

Davis' own story of motherhood and her pre-parenting beliefs are shared in the beginning of the book.

When she was 12 weeks pregnant with her first child, her doctor told her that the baby probably wouldn't survive the pregnancy. She was told that she should consider aborting.

She didn't and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, which then threw her into the whirlwind of feedings, changing diapers, exhaustion and more. She states, "I was simultaneously desperate to hold my baby and terrified of the nuclear bomb that seemed pointed toward my life."

If you are looking for an honest, Christian-based book about motherhood, "Beyond Bath Time" is a good place to start. It's great to read on your own or with a group of moms. One thing is certain —motherhood is rewarding, special and difficult and does not have to be experienced alone.

Margo L. Dill is celebrating the release of her second novel, "Caught Between Two Curses," a young-adult novel exploring love, family and the Curse of the Billy Goat on the Cubs. She also is the author of "Finding My Place: One Girl's Strength at Vicksburg," a middle-grade historical fiction novel. She lives in St. Louis with her family.

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