Here's what's happening on the art scene

Here's what's happening on the art scene

Moving pictures

CHAMPAIGN — The 40 North 88 West Champaign County Arts Council is featuring on the inside of Champaign-Urbana MTD buses a new rotation of art works by four artists.

The "MTD ART: Moving Pictures Through Your Neighborhood" pieces will be featured through Nov. 30 on overhead interior panels. Then works by four other artists will be selected for the next, three-month rotation.

Nearly 80 entries of art were submitted for this round. A panel of arts professionals selected works by:

— Stacey Gross From her "Wabi Sabi" series, "Imjingak #2," a digital photograph

— Kuldeepa Vartak-Mehta, "Vibrational Frequency," image of a cast-iron bowl and wire

— Rajat Saksena, "In Intimate Conversation," a digital photograph

— Kim Kissinger Marino, "Handheld," a collage with pencil and marker, on paper

The selected works may be seen at or displayed on a wall across from the elevators on the first floor at the Illinois Terminal.

"MTD ART: Moving Pictures Through Your Neighborhood," is a collaboration between 40 North, MTD and Dixon Graphics.

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