Paley's 'This Land is Mine' film a viral hit

Paley's 'This Land is Mine' film a viral hit

URBANA — Nina Paley is not completely tired of pushing pixels.

In addition to her PaleGray Labs projects, she continues to work on her animated feature “Seder-Masochism.” She describes it as a story of Exodus and Jewish mythology, inspired by the fact she’s Jewish, and her late father, Hiram Paley, was both Jewish and an atheist.

She began working on “Seder-Masochism,” inspired by Assyrian art, a couple of years ago and finished the last scene first: “This Land is Mine.” It satirizes divine claims to Palestine and offers a brief guide to “who’s killing who.

She first posted it online in October 2012. Recently, with things heating up in Israel and Gaza, it went viral.

It has received 7.5 million plays on Vimeo, where it was a staff pick. After she posted it on YouTube, others posted it on YouTube as well, some translating the subtitles into foreign languages.

The YouTube “This Land is Mine” video posts have received 1.8 million views. One of several subtitled into Spanish got 1 million hits.As to be expected with such a hot topic, people love it — or hate it.

“Something called the ‘Jewish Internet Defense Force’ has condemned me as an anti-Zionist on Twitter,” Paley wrote on Facebook. “Which is awesome because others online have condemned me as a Zionist!”

Paley and Theo Gray — she calls him online her “co-lunatic” at PaleGray Labs — also converted into embroidermation — animation rendered into embroidery — some of the animated images she created to accompany a traditional Passover folk song that will be included in “Seder-Masochism.”

Those images, some of mythical beasts, decorate motzah covers, used during the Passover ritual. The two also photograph embroidered pictures that are later played back as animation.

Paley’s animated feature, “Sita Sings the Blues,” was shown at more than 150 film festivals worldwide including the 2009 Ebertfest. It won more than 35 international awards.

Paley sells DVD copies of “Sita” and encourages people to copy the movie for free — she’s a free-culture activist. As a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow, she produced “Minute Memes,” a series of animated shorts about intellectual freedom. And since 2008, she has been artist-in-residence for

Gray, as chief creative officer of the ebook publisher TouchPress in London, was in charge of creating an Ipad app on the history of Disney animation. Apple named it the best iPad app of 2013.

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