Look back: Highlights from Melissa Merli on the week that was

Look back: Highlights from Melissa Merli on the week that was

Boneyard standout

What fun I had at the Boneyard Arts Festival, going from place to place to see art. I felt the standout piece was Peggy Shaw's "I Am Not Alone," a large tri-partite video with still photographs that evokes childhood, wilderness vacations, family. It was shown in a large room at The Boys Building, an unheated warehouse on Walnut Street that was chilly last weekend. Watching it was an immersive experience, one I'd like to have again. The piece was part of a group exhibition featuring work by Joan Stolz, Anna Peters and others.

Talking quilts

I wasn't much interested in quilts as an art form until I started going to the annual Quilt Festival at Cunningham's Children Home, where last week I enjoyed quilt artist Erick Wolfmeyer's talk and video presentation on his life and work, told through poetic images and words using his quilts as the framework. The Iowa artist, who has a BFA, made the video himself. His quilts, including a large self-portrait a la Chuck Close style, on display were impressive. Amish women hand-stitch all of his quilts. A really interesting talk.

Dance Fashion Show

One of the most unusual, fun, spirited events I attended last week was the Dance Fashion Show at Bacaro, featuring the knit creations of Stephen West, who as a knitter and pattern maker has an international following. He improvises his knit pieces, which have great colors and can be worn in various ways. He, Cynthia Oliver, Kirstie Simson and other dancers modeled them via improv dance, winding and vamping their way through the two rooms at Bacaro. The show, as one person there said, "erupted into a full-on dance party." Yes!

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