Gaming Bits: It doesn't get cheaper than free

Gaming Bits: It doesn't get cheaper than free

Welcome to another edition of Gaming Bits, an infrequent feature by Playing Critic columnist Joel Leizer, where he shares a few of the latest gaming announcements to hit his inbox.

A mobile MMO

"Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire," a collaboration between MZ studio Epic Action and Square Enix Co., launched Wednesday for Android and iOS.

It's a free-to-play, mobile MMO strategy game in the same vein as "Mobile Strike," also an MZ title.

In other words, it appears to be your typical base management game, but with characters like Noctis and Lady Lunafreya from "Final Fantasy XV" included.

Visit the past

InnoGames plans to celebrate its 10th anniversary by setting up servers to host some of its old games, "Tribal Wars," "Grepolis," and "The West."

From Monday through the end of July, players can experience the original versions of those games by heading to the appropriate website:, and

If you reach the top three in a game, you'll win in-game currency.

Not so secret

"The Secret World" is gone. "Secret World Legends" has arisen in its place.

The original game was a Lovecraftian MMORPG that showed some promise but never really took off.

Now it's a shared-world role-playing game, available free to play via Windows PC. Just go to to give it a try.

If you actually played the original MMO, you'll notice some changes in this version. Combat has been redesigned to use a action-driven reticle system. The game also now has "stronger progression structures, streamlined quest flow, and improved visuals and UI," according to Funcom, the publisher.

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