Notes-Worthy: John Namoff

Notes-Worthy: John Namoff

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with JOHN NAMOFF, the founder of Jennifer's Gifts From Above, a local organization that provides children with Christmas gifts. It is hosting a spinoff fundraiser Saturday at Centennial Park:

You've had some tough moments in your life: losing your wife and most recently being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma (then discovering you are healed — good news). How have you dealt with the highs and lows?

I feed off everybody's positive energy — their prayers their smiles. You know when you get that feeling you might be having a rough day and just the right person smiles at you at the right time? Their eyes might just be glistening; everybody has rough times. It's friends and family that get us through those times. A good thing to do is keep busy so you don't have to think about them as much.

Tell us about Jennifer's Gifts From Above.

I started four years ago just as a party for friends and family to get together and bring a gift for a child for Christmas. It's named after my wife Jennifer who passed away six years ago. We were never able to have kids but she loves giving Christmas gifts to kids. She was the youngest of nine. I recognized her memory by doing Jennifer's Gifts From above with new friends and family.