Notes-Worthy: Zach Dable

Notes-Worthy: Zach Dable

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with ZACH DABLE:

How long have you been playing music and where do you play now?

I have been playing guitar since I was 5. I first started playing in a band when I was a sophomore, and my band has played around Catlin, Danville, Homer and Sidney.

What is the name of your band and who all is in the band? Where recently have you been playing the most?

My band is named The Zach Dable Experience. My parents are in the band with me. My dad, Perry, sings, while my mom, Jill, plays bass guitar and flute. The remaining members are Ben Bellerud, who does lead and backing vocals, Todd Hawkins, who plays percussion, and Chris Nargelenas, who plays rhythm guitar. Lately, we have played mostly in the Vermilion County area. We have played shows in Danville at Fatman's Warehouse, a few wedding receptions and local bar and grill KJ's in Sidell.

You have a gig at Goldy's on Sept. 30. How are you feeling about it?

It is our first gig in the C-U area that is not for a benefit. We have played for Relay for Life in the past. I am excited to break into the C-U scene and hopefully land more gigs over in that area.

Why do you call this the Zack Dable Expereince?

Our name originated from the lack of finding a name. My dad told me, "If you don't come up with a band name, then we're naming it The Zach Dable Experience." He always tells me it's my band since I initially formed it.

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