Notes-Worthy: Jed Mackey

Notes-Worthy: Jed Mackey

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with Jed Mackey, vocalist and guitarist in 3 Gun Whiskey.

Tell us about 3 Gun Whiskey's roots.

3 Gun Whiskey was formed in 2016 in Bement after Mark Clodfelter, our drummer, and Lee Ewers, guitar and vocals, and I decided to play a few songs in my barn during a birthday party I was throwing for myself. The project grew from there with the addition of Brandon Hayes on bass/vocals and Dave Akman on lead guitar/vocals.

3 Gun Whiskey is fairly new to the C-U scene and fairly new as a band. What are the goals for the band?

Being a new band, we just want to play as often as possible and as many different venues as possible to expand our fan base and allow as many people to hear us live as possible. We have such a unique sound live, mixing new and classic country and southern rock, and even a couple songs you'd never expect to hear from a country band, all done in our own way.

I've had numerous people come up after shows expressing that they don't necessarily like country music, but loved how we played every song they heard.

Goals we see in our immediate future are to continue having fun and gaining fans in the C-U area. We'd love to soon start opening for larger national acts that visit the area, but we really are kinda looking at this point like we want to ride this as high as it will take us.

Is this the first band you have played with?

Believe it or not, I played with a metal/hard rock band in high school. We played one gig at an old movie theater in the town I lived in, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also played a lot of music with other musicians I met as I traveled during my military service, but this is my first truly serious band I have played in.

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