Notes-Worthy: Tim Clifton

Notes-Worthy: Tim Clifton

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with TIM CLIFTON, who plays guitar and sings vocals for Blacktop Audio. The band also includes Jake Shelmadine (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Troy Vanover (bass, vocals) and Joe Rexshell (drums).

How long have you been involved in live music?

I feel very fortunate having grown up (musically speaking) in the late-'60s/early-'70s music scene here in Champaign-Urbana. It was the place to be if you were a musician/artist. There were so many great musicians, writers, and performers here at that time. If you were in a band, there was no shortage of venues to keep you busy on a full-time basis. I think a really good representation of that era, including into the late '80s, can be found on Hollywood Hangover (CU Music Scene). Today, just as it was back then, some of the best musicians, writers, artists, and performers still reside here in the city, and it's evident when you go out to see a live show. Support live music!

Tell us about Blacktop Audio. Is this a new band or a revised version of an older band making a comeback?

This particular lineup was together back in 2009, and our primary goal was to record original music and promote it as it progressed. We went into the studio and recorded six songs and a couple of them ended up on the rotation lists of some radio stations here in the Midwest and Southwest. We did play some festival dates and a select few club dates under The Chilli Dawgs but tabled the project until October 2017. We really don't look at this as a comeback; we are simply going to pick up where we left off and see where it takes us.

What is the directive for Blacktop Audio? Where would you like to see the band performing most and what kind of music/genre does the band play?

What we have as Blacktop Audio are four members who enjoy writing music, bringing ideas to life — whether it be from thought or life experiences — and putting that to music. If you were to categorize our music, it would be a blend of Americana and blues rock. We are currently recording and hope to have a new release this summer. We are available for festivals, special events or private events and you can contact the band or just listen to our music at or on Facebook.

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