KAM's 'Art Remastered' event gives visual works a soundtrack

KAM's 'Art Remastered' event gives visual works a soundtrack

Krannert Art Museum's 'Art Remastered' features six local musicians who will compose new music in response to a piece of art at the museum. They'll perform their compositions in the galleries at Art Remastered at 7 p.m. Friday. Staff writer Paul Wood asked Kamila Glowacki, the museum's education coordinator and the event's organizer, how the event came about.

You organized the first 'Art Remastered' in May 2017. It must have been successful or you wouldn't be doing it again. What did people respond to the most?

When I was organizing the first "Art Remastered," I wasn't sure what to expect regarding audience engagement. Initially, I thought it might become a social event with people chatting and exploring the galleries between performances. I was surprised to see how incredibly attentive everyone was! I think the environment of the museum made it possible for audience members to engage deeply with the performances. Everyone was very quiet and eager to hear from each performer. You could tell that they were here for the performances and the artwork, and the performances became a medium or access point through which the audience could engage with the artwork in a unique way.

What inspired you to create this? Has Krannert Art Museum been supportive?

My inspiration for "Art Remastered" came from a desire to bring the people of the C-U music scene into the art museum. As a museum educator at Krannert Art Museum and a member of the local music scene, I feel that I can facilitate this connection because of my own involvement and understanding of both communities. There is so much talent in our music community, and many musicians are thinking and writing about topics that are being addressed through the art on display at the museum. I wanted to facilitate a collaboration between the artwork and the musicians so that they can feel ownership over the museum and highlight how the museum can be a point of connection between these two communities.

What are the local bands you are in?

My most active band right now is Nectar, which I sing and play guitar in. I also play in Kowabunga! Kid and La Louve.

Do you have a favorite medium?

I received my BFA in Painting and Art Education from the university in 2013, but lately the main medium I reach for is drawing. I'll often draw things that also directly relate to the music scene, like flyers, band shirts, album artwork, etc.

How did you find the solo musicians?

All of the musicians are local and are people I have met through the music scene or who I have seen perform. Many of them play in bands, so I'm excited to see them perform in a solo setting. I'm most connected with the DIY/punk music community, so this has been a good opportunity to reach out to musicians from other genres like folk and hip hop. I wanted to use "Art Remastered" as a chance to not only connect the museum and the music scene, but to also bring different music genres and their audiences together.

How old are you, and how long have you been at the museum?

I am 26, and I've been at Krannert Art Museum for about four years in different capacities. In August 2017, I began working full time as the education coordinator.

I love to hear music in a museum. Why don't we hear more of it?

The white walls and silence we often associate with visiting the museum allows visitors to have a focused experience with the artwork. The intent is to create an environment that allows for deep engagement with the artwork. However, I completely understand how those same features could also cause discomfort or awkwardness when visiting a museum. I think events like "Art Remastered" help alleviate the uncertainty of what to do or how to act by providing visitors with an access point into the artwork. It is also a communal event, so you won't feel as isolated in the space, too.

If you go

What: 'Art Remastered.'

Where: Krannert Art Museum, 500 E. Peabody Drive, C.

When: 7 p.m. Friday.

Admission: Free, with donations encouraged.

Info: kam.illinois.edu/event/art-remastered