Notes-Worthy: Denny Ellis

Notes-Worthy: Denny Ellis

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with local singer-songwriter DENNY ELLIS:

You inspire so many. What inspires you?

I am inspired by the love and compassion from my peers and fellow artists/musicians. Without them, there would be nothing to take away and apply.

What bands have you played with and are you currently in a band?

I have collaborated with band members and solo acts; mostly acoustic sessions and writing sessions. I am currently seeking a female that plays guitar and sings to help me get an album out there with my originals. Myself on background vocals.

This is hard to come by. So I have been improving on my vocals in the meantime. Really stripping my songs down and keeping them understandable.

What are you extremely passionate about and why?

I am truly passionate about my family and their well being. I don't take the sacrifices of time needed to be myself with music lightly. My family comes first and they bring out the best of me.

Where is your favorite space to write and create music?

My favorite place to write music is a secluded wooded area near Lake Shelbyville. There, I am at peace in the wilderness and I absorb the elements around me and apply them in a song. Simple, is, better! Amazing what you can learn on YouTube and songwriter seminars.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

What I am looking forward to in the future is doing an album. I plan on working with Nick Ailes, who is a great talent. I am looking forward to doing an album one day with his guidance.

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