Notes-Worthy: Brandon and Peyton Hayes

Notes-Worthy: Brandon and Peyton Hayes

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with the area musician and his daughter, who aspires to be like her dad.

Peyton, is this going to be your first time attending First Gig Rock N Roll Camp for Kids? Which camp will you be attending: Danville, Champaign or Decatur?

Yes, this is my first time coming to First Gig, and I am attending the camp in Decatur.

Brandon, being a musician, is there anything you would like to see Peyton avoid and not have to experience?

I have been around some musicians with habits that I wouldn't want Peyton around. And I try to steer completely clear of those people myself. If she does go on to pursue music, I hope that she can surround herself with positive people. I'm sure she will. She's a really good kid. That is another reason why First Gig Rock N Roll Camp will be a good positive influence on her.

Peyton, what prompted the decision to go to First Gig?

I had heard about it from a few of my friends who went in past years, and it seemed really fun. I love music, and I've wanted to perform music for the longest time. However, this is the first year I've had the time to do it, and I'm very excited to be doing so! I made this decision.

Brandon, was this a decision Peyton made, or you made?

I had mentioned the camp to her before. She said some friends of hers had gone, and she would like to go if time allowed. She is a very busy girl.

What are your expectations for the camp, and what are you most excited about learning?

Peyton: I expect to not only learn and grow in my vocal ability but to see old friends as well as making plenty of new ones. I'm excited about learning more about the experience of being in a band, even if it only lasts a week. I've considered trying to do music as a career in the future, as I write songs, sing and play the ukulele. This will give me a little taste of the music scene, which I'm happy about!

Brandon: I hope she has fun and can learn from other fellow musicians. I think the program is awesome, and I wish there was something like this when I was her age. I'm so proud of her, and I'm glad she is able to do this at such a young age. She does come from a musical family. Her mom was a drummer, her stepdad is a pianist and I'm a bassist/vocalist. The sky is the limit for Peyton.

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