Ladies' Night: 'That's What She Said' returns in 2019

Ladies' Night: 'That's What She Said' returns in 2019

CHAMPAIGN — The 2018-19 Virginia Theatre season gives voice once again to an innovative series, "That's What She Said."

After a brief hiatus, the women-based, often-humorous show comes back March 2. Tickets go on sale July 20.

It joins many national acts at the downtown theater, giving a voice to the people who are often in the audience.

Creative Director Jenette Jurczyk, who has extensive experience in theater, said it's too far away to name a lineup.

But she had Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz and Stephens Family YMCA administrator-turned-"crazy farmer" Heidi Cordes on stage Friday.

They were willing to give a few hints on what they'll be saying, even before it's said.

Rietz will join up with a friend of 25 years, Champaign Mayor Deb Feinen.

"We'll talk about personal things, but also things people always ask us about our jobs," Rietz said. "Or when they tell you, 'You look taller on TV.'"

Rietz and Cordes have done the "That's What She Said" web series before.

"But that can be edited," Jurczyk said.

"I've always been in the audience," Rietz said. "I've always been inspired and impressed. But I'm also a little terrified."

Cordes may talk about how some health problems she says her supportive husband notes "can be invisible."

Cordes wants to offer support to other people with invisible challenges.

She has an autoimmune disorder, lupus, and has learned how to keep her life on track, for instance by standing with support nearby in case she gets dizzy.

Because lupus can cause skin rashes, Cordes has a new best friend.

"I love self-tanning," she said.

In her new role as "a farm girl," she mows 3 acres in a big straw hat outside Mahomet.

"My niece calls me a crazy farmer," she said.

Jurczyk is Director of Operations of One Main. She first connected with "That's What She Said" in 2015, two years after the first one. But the program missed a season, she said.

"I was fascinated by the show, and how it has given women a chance to speak out. I didn't want to let the mission fail," Jurczyk said.

Jurczyk is not ready to reveal who else will be speaking out on the Virginia's stage — yet.

"We're very early in the process," she explained.