Ebertfest 2019 Day 3 | Our favorite moments

Ebertfest 2019 Day 3 | Our favorite moments

Arts-and-entertainment expert Frank Pieper's take:

My favorite Day 3 moments

— Actresses Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon were both out of town early Friday on 5 a.m. flights, but they'd hung around at the Virginia Theatre well after midnight signing autographs, taking selfies and meeting fans following Thursday night's late showing of the 1996 crime thriller "Bound." And take it from me, you'll want to check out for yourself the YouTube video (below) from the livestream of their post-movie Q&A with Chaz Ebert and Reel Talk film critics Pamela Powell and Chuck Koplinski. My words could not do justice to their R-rated discussion of how the movie's sexier scenes were filmed. But it left me wishing these two actresses would team up again on another film someday; they make a great comedy team!

— In the category of special guests, and definitely in keeping with this festival's focus on extended family, another high point had to be Dominique and Sacha Jenkins, daughter and son of director Horace Jenkins, discussing their father's remarkable life, legacy and film "Cane River" (1982) before its screening on Friday afternoon. But even more touching was their mild difference of opinion on whether it saddened them that their father hadn't lived to see his film given the reception it deserved. As Sacha pointed out, "There's nothing wrong with feeling sad. I don't feel sad. ... I now as director and a filmmaker have the opportunity to collaborate with my father, so for me, I'm working with the dude all the time."

— Polish actress and Friday evening's special guest Maja Komorowska delighted and charmed the Ebertfest audience even though it's unlikely that anyone else present could understand her words besides her grandson, Jerzy Tyszkiewicz. As expressive as her eyes and voice and hand gestures were, you almost didn't need to. But Tyszkiewicz himself charmed festival-goers as well when he referred to the film's recurring motif of botched English-Polish translations by voicing the hope that his translations weren't as bad as those.

Looking forward to Day 4

— 10 a.m.: "Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise" (2016). Co-director Rita Colburn will be the onstage guest following the showing of her documentary about the St. Louis-born poet, singer, memoirist and civil-rights activist to open the final day of Ebertfest 2019 (a reminder: this year, the organizers scheduled no events for Sunday to allow out-of-town guests time to return home before Monday).

— 1:30 p.m.: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" (2018). Director Morgan Neville will be on hand to discuss his documentary about famed children's television host Fred Rogers of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."

— 4:30 p.m.: "Almost Famous" (2000). Writer-director Cameron Crowe reportedly filmed a video introduction to this autobiographical rock 'n roll road-trip movie, which was selected for the festival by Roger Ebert's longtime "At the Movies" co-host and Chicago Sun-Times film critic Richard Roeper, who will also be present as special guest to discuss the film afterward.

— 9 p.m.: Roeper also selected and will be the special guest for the festival's final showing, "Sideways" (2004), and will be joined onstage, if only via live satellite feed, by actress Virginia Madsen.

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