Susan McKinney | Character has strong sense of justice

Susan McKinney | Character has strong sense of justice

In "Save Me from Dangerous Men" by S.A. Lelchuk, Nikki Griffin loves books. Books were her retreat from an awful tragedy in her past. She now owns a bookstore in Berkeley, Calif. She also has an office above the bookstore where she takes on cases as a private detective.

Unbeknownst to most people, she has a side "business." She helps women who can't help themselves.

If she interacts with a woman who has been abused by her partner, Nikki pays the person "a visit" and gives them a taste of what they have done to the unfortunate victim.

She's approached by the owner of a Silicon Valley tech company to tail an employee the owner suspects of stealing tech secrets. While tailing the woman, she meets an interesting young postgrad student who shares her love of books.

Ethan is attracted to Nikki but is bothered by her reserved nature and the fact that she won't talk about herself.

Nikki is attracted to Ethan but is worried that he will react to what she does the same way her ex-boyfriend reacted; he walked away.

As Nikki follows Karen Li and watches her interactions with two tough-looking men, she makes the decision that she has to save Karen, not just stop her espionage.

As the story continues, Nikki starts to realize that all is not as it seems and must figure out the truth before she and those she loves are killed.

This is an awesome first novel from the author. As the story progresses, you learn more about Nikki's past and why she is the way she is. It's interspersed with her mandatory court-ordered therapy sessions.

Nikki is a tough, strong woman. She is willing to sacrifice herself to save someone she believes needs to be saved.

This all goes back to the moment in time when she was not there for someone when they needed her. That is Nikki's mantra throughout the story.

The novel has graphic violence but is worth the read. Nikki gets attacked, beaten up and threatened. Nikki gives as good as she gets. Her sense of justice is very strong. Nikki struggles with whether she is a good guy or a bad guy. A struggle I think all of us can understand.

Susan McKinney is the librarian at the St. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library. She received her master's in Library Science from the University of Illinois. She came here from Indiana for graduate school and fell in love with the area. She has lived here ever since. She is an avid reader and enjoys mystery, suspense, fantasy and action novels.

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