Ted Kooser: An American life in poetry, Feb. 16, 2014

We human beings think we're pretty special when compared to the "lower" forms of life, but now and then, nature puts us in our place. Here's an untitled short poem by Jonathan Greene, who lives in the outer bluegrass region of Kentucky.


Honored when

the butterfly lights

on my shoulder.

Next stop:

a rotting log.

Environmental Almanac: Pesticides should be small tool in management plan

In anticipation of the 31st Insect Fear Film Festival, which is Saturday at the University of Illinois, this week's column is written by two members of the Entomology Graduate Student Association: Michelle Duennes and Todd Johnson:

Girl escapes her troubles in the water

In "The Weight of Water" (Bloomsbury 2012), Sarah Crossan tells us only what we need to know in her spare verse. We can fill in the rest ourselves. She must think her readers are intelligent, which makes us feel good.

Studio Visit: Chris Taber

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, Melissa Merli chats with actress Chris Taber, 49, Mahomet.

Q: How and when did you first get interested in theater?

Stories behind the winning photos from camera club contest

The News-Gazette asked all eight winners in the 13th Champaign County Camera Club Photographic Print Competition to describe their first-place entries. The photo prints are on display through Feb. 23 at Lincoln Square Village in Urbana; you can see the second- and third-place entries in a gallery at news-gazette.com.

Melissa Merli: There's an app for that dance

The University of Illinois dance department's dances tend to be hyper-conceptual. But that wasn't the case last week.

February Dance, presented over three nights at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, featured solid movement without the usual postmodern twists.

And the dance majors — there are more young men than usual — were solid.

Stories perfect for sisters

I'm the oldest of six siblings, and while as an adult I am quite close to all of my siblings, growing up I had a particularly close bond with my sister.

We were the only two girls — and the two oldest — and even now I think in some ways no one knows me quite as well as my sister does, which is probably why I'm often drawn to novels that highlight the unique bonds between sisters.

3 Gibson City shows set for next weekend

GIBSON CITY — Side by Side Productions will present "All Aboard the Marriage Hearse" on Friday, Saturday and next Sunday at Railside Golf Club, 120 W. 19th St.

40 North 'Untitled' fundraiser planned

CHAMPAIGN — The 40 North 88 West Champaign County Arts Council has reinvented its annual fundraiser with "40 North Untitled." Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 28 for what the arts agency is billing as a "late-night event" at the Orpheum Theatre in the Orpheum Children's Science Museum, 346 N. Neil St.

Composers will share works during UI visit

URBANA — Two internationally acclaimed composers who combine electronics and traditional Korean music will be in residence at the University of Illinois through next Sunday.

The composers, Donoung Lee and Jinok Cho, are professors of composition at Seoul National University and are visiting as part of a faculty exchange between the UI School of Music and SNU.