Studio Visit: Megan Diddie

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, Megan Diddie, an MFA candidate in studio art at the University of Illinois and the 2014 Student ACE Award winner for her work at the UI's Fresh Press, an agricultural waste-fiber papermaking research studio, chats with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli.

Ask 'Mimi' Oct. 12, 2014

Mimi, I heard the host of MTV's "Catfish: The TV Show," will be appearing nearby in person.

Here's what's happening on the literary scene

Festival for kids

Twenty-two authors who have won a combined total of more than 200 awards for their work in children's and young adult literature will participate in the 2014 Youth Literature Festival from Thursday through Saturday.

Look back: Highlights from Melissa Merli on the week that was

Look back: Highlights from Melissa Merli on the week that was

Solid show

Even geniuses have their ups and downs

OK, let's admit it — we readers are a pretty smart bunch, but I'm guessing most of us can't lay claim to genius status. I'm also guessing that most of us are acquainted with at least one person who can claim genius status.

Maybe that person is your best friend, but maybe not. Furthermore, maybe that person is a little — shall we say, different? Annoying? Aloof?

Ted Kooser: An American life in poetry, Oct. 12, 2014

By Ted Kooser/U.S. Poet Laureate, 2004-06

Here's a lovely poem for this lovely month by Robert Haight, who lives in Michigan.

Early October Snow

It will not stay.

But this morning we wake to pale muslin

stretched across the grass.

The pumpkins, still in the fields, are planets

shrouded by clouds.

The Weber wears a dunce cap

Here's what's happening on the art scene

Art museum events

Krannert Art Museum will open on Friday a video exhibition featuring one of pioneering video artist Nam June Paik's seminal works, "Global Groove 1973/2012."

Look ahead: Top picks from Melissa Merli for the week to come

Look ahead: Top picks from Melissa Merli for the week to come

Attend ACE Awards

Here's what's happening on the theater scene

Beef House show

The Beef House Dinner Theatre in Covington, Ind., will present its first fall show, "The 39 Steps," with the opening on Friday.

"This gleefully theatrical riff on Alfred Hitchcock's film is fast and frothy, performed by a cast of four that seems like a cast of thousands," reads a release from the Beef House.

C-U Haiku, Oct. 12, 2014

Edited by Lee Gurga/For The News-Gazette

The sound of insects

The sound of a violin

Under the moon light

— Ryuichi Hirota, Champaign