C-U haiku, Aug. 7, 2016

By Jim O’Brien, Ann Hart and Will Reger

cooling nimbus brings

prairie sky's benediction

on summer's dog days

— Ann Hart, Mahomet

Who lives here, Aug. 6, 2016

Each week on this page, The News-Gazette will show a screen shot of a home from a movie or TV show and ask readers, "Who lives here?" Email your guess of a character who resides in the featured home to wholiveshere@news-gazette.com, and we'll give a winner a shout-out on next week's page. Be sure to include your full name and town of residence.


Review: 'Oklahoma!' an all-around delight

By Rosemary Laughlin

I'm pleased to report that "Oklahoma!" is "doin' fine" once again at the Virginia.

Purists can be assured that it is still the traditional performance with an occasional new twist. Champaign-Urbana Theatre Company's take on the classic musical is downright loaded with notable individual performances.

Grace Potter to play Virginia on Sept. 30

CHAMPAIGN — Singer/songwriter and actress Grace Potter is coming to the Virginia Theatre.

She performs at 8 p.m. Sept. 30.

Spin Magazine called Potter “one of the greatest living voices in rock today.” She recently joining the Rolling Stones on stage for a rendition of “Gimme Shelter.”

08-05-16 Jim Turpin with Stephen Fiol Director of CUTC's Oklahoma @TheVirginia @CUTheatreCo

08-05-16 Jim Turpin with Stephen Fiol Director of CUTC's Oklahoma @TheVirginia @CUTheatreCo: Play now!

08-05-16 Jim Turpin with Stephen Fiol, Director of Oklahoma by CUTC at The Virginia.


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Artisan Cup a fundraiser to make your mouth water

CHAMPAIGN — Stan "The Meat Man" Schutte is looking at the first Artisan Cup & Fork competition as a "blind date" — as well as the best food event downstate.

Top of the morning, Aug. 5, 2016

Music will again be a big part of Grange Grove during the 2016 Illinois football season. What kind of music? Stay tuned, says Illinois associate athletic director Brad Wurthman.

Part of Wurthman's job is to help line up acts for the seven home games. An announcement is expected soon and will include two well-known national acts.

Frank's Faves: Last words

Two things we all have in common: Everyone has last words. And favorites.

It's been a while since I gave you my five favorite "famous last words" in movies. I'm of a mind to revisit that theme this week for a couple of coincidental reasons.

Notes-Worthy: Todd Goodman

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with Last Minute Fire's Tood Goodman:

Tell us about yourself and Last Minute Fire.

CUTC's 'Oklahoma!' opens tonight

CHAMPAIGN — As Curly McLain in the Champaign Urbana Theatre Company's production of "Oklahoma!," Jesse Trieger observes that his character acts like a second-grader on a playground while flirting with farm girl Laurey Williams.