Who lives here? Oct. 14, 2017

Each week on this page, The News-Gazette will show a screen shot of a home from a movie or television show and ask readers, "Who lives here?" Email your guess of a character who resides there to wholiveshere@news-gazette.com, and we'll give a winner a shout-out on next week's page. Be sure to include your full name and town of residence.

Chuck Koplinski: 'Mountain Between Us' marred by ending

I sometimes wonder why actors and actresses choose to appear in the movies they do. I'm sure some choices are made because of the size of the paycheck they're getting, others are done in the hopes of vying for an Oscar, and still others are done to increase their brand or name recognition.

Frank's Faves: Movie kneels

'I know what the blind man sees. On your feet or on your knees ... ' — Motorhead

Folks, it's either one thing or the other. Either I am cursed, or our president is right: We should forget about vacations. They are, quite literally, bad news.

C-U Jazz Fest guest 'a composer who plays drums'

VICTOR BASTIDAS and his De Paises Project are among the stars of the Champaign-Urbana Jazz Festival. He plays at 8 p.m. Oct. 20 at the Iron Post. Staff writer Paul Wood asked him a few questions about his career, which extends from Colombia to Miami to Chicago.

1. Why jazz; why drums?

John Frayne: Sinfonia opens season with a youthful bang

The Sinfonia da Camera, conducted by Ian Hobson, gave its season opening concert on Saturday, Sept. 30, and the accent was strongly on youth. Three young performers were winners from the Sinfonia's 2017 Student Concerto Competition, with each one performing movements from concertos for their instruments.

Entertainment listings, Oct. 12-19, 2017


This weekend


Nightlife listings, Oct. 12-19, 2017



CLARK BAR: Katie Flynn, 6 p.m.; C-U Comedy's "The Open Mic," (stand up comedy show; all signups in advance, jesse@cucomedy.com), 9 p.m.

HOULIHAN'S RESTAURANT AND BAR: John Stevens (Live in the Lounge), 6:30 p.m.

IRON POST: U of I Jazz Vocals Combo, 7 p.m.

MEMPHIS ON MAIN: Karaoke Night, 9 p.m.

John Frayne: Jupiter Quartet celebrates 15 years of wonderful music

The Jupiter String Quartet celebrated its 15th anniversary as an ensemble in its season-opening concert in Foellinger Great Hall on Sept. 28.

Rich Warren: Headphones for TV: Bluetooth is better

Don't look in the mirror for Bluetooth. It's not a dental disorder. Nor is it a species of animal or reptile.

Tricia Stiller/review: Star sublime in Station's one-person 'Title and Deed'

"A single actor." "A bare stage." "No intermission." "Great." These were the words, dripping in sarcasm, that were uttered near me while waiting for the start of Will Eno's "Title and Deed" at its opening performance Thursday night.

I smiled internally, for I knew something that person clearly did not — that single actor was David Barkley.