Notes-Worthy: Brandon Hayes

Notes-Worthy: Brandon Hayes

C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with BRANDON HAYES, a seasoned musician in C-U who currently plays with 3 Gun Whiskey, a band from the Bement area.

Currently you play with 3 Gun Whiskey, which plays a lot of classic country like Waylon and David Allan Coe. Vocals and bass are your strengths and you sing Waylon like no one else I have heard in C-U. Did you grow up with this kind of music?

I did grow up with it, being a child of the 80's, the Dukes of Hazzard was my favorite show as a kid, so I had Waylon's voice ingrained in my head as a child. My dad constantly had the stereo on, he had two giant crates of vinyl. I spent so much time with my parents, listening to all those albums from the 70's mainly, AC/DC, Nazareth, ZZ Top, Marshall Tucker, John Prine, Hank Jr. and so on. But that David Allen Coe album always seemed to get played when their friends were over. When I started playing I would raid the crates, mainly playing along to Black Sabbath and venturing off into heavier music. "Type O Negative" was the band that is responsible for me starting to sing since I've always had a low voice. I didn't play from ages 21-28. Started jamming some blues with friends, even laid down tracks for a rapper. I never thought at that time I would play country (I despised mainstream country) until I picked up the Hank III CD "Straight to Hell." That was the game changer for me. I went back and started listening to the old stuff and playing it, and it just so happened one of the guys I was in a blues band with, J.R. Preston, had some original country recorded. We eventually would form Prairieland Rebels. 3GW has been a great fit for me. I was asked to join last fall, and everything started falling into place with Jed Mackey and Mark Clodfelter. Especially when we got Dave Ackman on board. We had been jamming before I went on the road. (Dave has many stories to tell, hint hint)

What bands prior to 3 Gun Whiskey have you performed with and where have you played previously?

I had a band in high school that had a couple different names. But the first band that really accomplished anything was Prairieland Rebels. That was my first real country band that I was with for four years or so. I also played with Bad Medicine for a year, until I had to start traveling for work. I've sat in with Birds on a Wire and Kevin Corey as well. I played open mics while on the road and even threw together a little band in Kansas. I should also mention Live Karaoke Band. They have been responsible for spawning several musical acts in this area.

Have you ever opened for any national artists? What was that experience like and how did that come about?

With Praireland Rebels we opened up for David Allen Coe twice. The first time thanks to Jeff Markland. He booked the show and gave us his blessing to the guys that he had handed the show off to. Eric Burgett also played that show at the Lincoln Theater. We were asked right off the bat to play with him at Bunkers in Illiopolis. I never got the chance to meet the old man though. We also played the Decatur Celebration the year Charlie Daniels headlined. We did several shows with small touring acts when they came through the area.

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