Adalberto Toledo

Adalberto Toledo

Champaign council members show support for raising food-and-beverage tax

CHAMPAIGN — As they prepared to discuss proposals for raising taxes, Champaign City Council members were initially quiet following the finance director's presentation Tuesday regarding what can be done to fund unmet city needs.

Champaign council discusses balancing infrastructure needs with recession concerns

CHAMPAIGN — There's something many financial analysts seem to agree on currently, including those who forecast economic development in the city of Champaign — a recession is coming.

The effects of the last recession, which started with the 2007 financial crisis, are still being felt today.

Alcohol allowed in downtown Champaign during first Friday Night Live of season

CHAMPAIGN — Starting next week, patrons of the Friday Night Live summer streetfest will be allowed to take drinks in paper or plastic cups from certain bars off-site, so long as they stay within the boundaries of the city's newly created downtown festival district.

Several projects unfunded, underfunded in Champaign's $418.4 million plan

CHAMPAIGN — Despite more than $418.4 million in proposed spending, Champaign's updated capital improvements plan doesn't address all the needs identified in the planning process, city staff said in a memo to council members.

Urbana planning range of cuts in effort to fill $2.5 million budget deficit

URBANA — Over the past two years, the city of Urbana has been dealing with a problem that it was going to have to deal with eventually.

Living Legends: 'She always pushed us to do the best we could'

CHAMPAIGN — In the 1970s, there was no doubt in Ruby Hunt's mind that busing was the next step toward erasing the world she grew up in.

She remembers segregation. A product of Tennessee's Carroll County school system, Hunt was intimately aware of the division and difference in education she was receiving when compared to white families around her.

'Just one small moment and one instant with someone can help'

URBANA — Elijha Booker was at the top of everyone's mind Wednesday.

Dozens of community members packed Salem Baptist Church in Champaign awaiting instructions to fan out into the neighborhood and hand out information that may help prevent the type of violence that killed the Franklin STEAM Academy eighth-grader last weekend.

Champaign council hears proposal for program to offer youth hope, help

CHAMPAIGN — Community members and Champaign school district staff filled the city council chambers Tuesday to hear about a proposal aimed at providing "wrap-around" social help for African-American youth and their families.

Living Legends: 'She serves her family first and foremost'

CHAMPAIGN — The second annual Smith Family Reunion was held in Flint, Mich., in 1989.

Brewery co-owner objects to Urbana's proposed alcohol tax increase

URBANA — A plan to increase the city's tax on package alcohol met resistance Monday night from the co-owner of a local brewery, who proposed that aldermen exempt his business if they move forward with it.

Riggs Beer Company co-owner Darin Riggs made the proposal after voicing concerns about the plan to raise the tax from 1 to 3 percent.