Alice B. McGinty

Alice B. McGinty

Alice B. McGinty | Get ready for Thanksgiving

It is that wonderful time of year when we warm ourselves with gratitude, thinking of all the things for which we give thanks in our lives. Here are two picture books that will help young readers find the right words for their expressions of thanks and learn how others express gratitude as well.

Alice B. McGinty | Two more great works from Illinois authors

Another highlight of the recent Illinois Reading Council Conference was the presentation of the 2019 Prairie State Award for Excellence in Writing for Children to Chicago-area author Barb Rosenstock.

Alice B. McGinty | Authors, illustrators from Illinois shine

I am writing this from the Illinois Reading Council Conference in Peoria, where an exciting new program is being launched, called Read Local ( It connects Illinois authors and illustrators with teachers and librarians to help promote the joy of reading. And joy abounds, with the many wonderful new books by Illinois authors and illustrators.

Alice B. McGinty | Stories deliver unique takes on fun

Autumn is rolling in and soccer season beginning. Here are two new voices from different cultural backgrounds, each bringing us their unique takes on play, friendship, joy, communication and overcoming struggles.

Join the soccer game as you read "The Field" (2017, NorthSouth Books, written by Baptiste Paul, illustrated by Jaqueline Alcantara (from Illinois), ages 3-8).

Alice B. McGinty | Stories featuring friendship, adventure

Summer is winding down and the school year starting up. I hope, your young readers can look back at the summer and remember special adventures with friends and family. These two new picture books are a great way to celebrate adventures and friends.

Alice B. McGinty | Artful biographies of unusual artists

To make sure young readers' minds stay sharp this summer, here are two new picture book biographies, each telling the story of very unusual artists, and each true works of art in their own right.

Alice B. McGinty | Two fantastic discoveries this summer

Summer's travels have brought me as near as the local library and as far as Toronto, Canada. Both ventures have led to the discovery of new and wonderful picture books.

Alice B. McGinty | Good reads to celebrate America

July 4 is approaching, and these two picture books, written by immigrants to America, provide a great way for young readers to celebrate their country.

Alice B. McGinty | Get ready for summer

Warm weather is here. Ready for a picnic — or how about a "Pignic?" These two new picture books are a great way for young readers to recognize and celebrate the joys of summer.

Alice B. McGinty | Two stories to celebrate spring

Could it be that spring is finally blowing in to stay? Here are two new picture books that have just blown in with the springtime wind.