Brett Kepley

Brett Kepley

The Law Q&A | Pardons and the power of the president

Earlier this month, the 45th president of the United States granted a pardon to Army Lt. Michael Behenna, who had been convicted by a courts-martial panel for the unlawful killing of an Iraqi who was in custody.

The Law Q&A | Abortion fight: Reversal vs. precedence

Alabama just legislated the criminalization of all abortions, including those begat by incest and rape, during any term of the pregnancy except where the life of the mother is at stake. A similar bill is in the works in Ohio.

The Law Q&A | The boundaries of forcible annexation

In the news recently is an East Central Illinois village voting to annex properties of homeowners whose properties are not currently within the boundaries of the village. The owners proclaim objection to the act of annexation.

Can a city or village forcibly annex your property, thereafter subjecting you to city real estate taxes?

The Law Q&A | Title insurance: What's it for?

House-selling season is heating up along with the temperature. So it's time to discuss the most vital thing for a buyer to get from the seller when buying a house (aside from the house itself): title insurance.

What is title insurance?

The Law Q&A | Illinois moving to comply with Real ID Act

In the American compulsion to solve every terrorism problem by using technology and bureaucracy, starting late next year every commercial airline traveler wanting to board a plane must present a photo ID that is compliant with the federal Real ID Act.

The Law Q&A | Creating new state not very easy to do

In the news is a bill sponsored by three Illinois Republican legislators to have Chicago separated from the rest of the state of Illinois? Holy cow, is that legally possible?

Holy cow, it sure is.

The Law Q&A | Illinois, U.S. laws cover nursing at work, school

Spring has sprung, so let's pull out of the legal closet and dust off the laws on allowing moms to breastfeed their babies at work. Are there such rules for employers under either Illinois or federal law? And are there rules for students nursing babies at school?

You betcha.

The Law Q&A | Pets and distracted driving

What is the law in Illinois for distracted driving because of a pet riding in the car with you?

Ha, fooled you. There is none.

There is no particular Illinois state law dealing with how or in what manner a pet may occupy your vehicle while you are motoring on the motorway.

The Law Q&A | Stun guns and concealed-carry permits

In Illinois, do you need to have a concealed-carry permit to carry a stun gun or Taser on your body?

Nope. Two weeks ago, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that such devices can be so carried without such a license.

The Law Q&A | Law provides for electronic signatures

Can a signature other than a pen put to paper be legally recognized in contracts and other documents under Illinois law?

Absolutely. Under certain circumstances electronic signatures used on a document can make the document as valid and enforceable as traditional "wet" signatures.