Brett Kepley

Brett Kepley

The Law Q&A | Claiming negligent entrustment

Now that the snow and ice are past us (you think?), all those roadway accidents this winter will begin to bear the fruit of lawsuits in the coming months by persons injured by other persons in those accidents.

The Law Q&A | Illinois law keeps an eye on biometric privacy

Under Illinois law, when a business collects biometric information from you, like a fingerprint, eye scan, face scan or hand scan, but fails to notify you about collecting such info, or discloses such info to third parties without your consent, can you get money compensation from the business without showing any actual economic or physical harm?

You bet your sweet iris you can.

The Law Q&A | Draft registration and gender discrimination

By presidential executive order since 1980, all male U.S. citizens, and certain male immigrant noncitizens, between 18 and 25 must register for possible military conscription within 10 days of turning 18. A federal judge in Texas recently ruled that such law violated the equal protection rights under the federal Constitution because of the male-only requirement.

The Law Q&A | Gag orders are a bid to balance rights

A week before last, a federal judge issued a gag order against criminal defendant Roger Stone. Stone, one of POTUS 45's closest confidants and tireless campaign worker, is accused of lying, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Brett Kepley | Illinois has limitations on payday loans

A couple weeks ago, the administration of the 45th president announced it is reversing a regulation devised by the Obama administration on payday lenders to make the loans less risky and onerous on the borrowers.

What is a payday loan anyway?

The Law Q&A | Veto by just 1 landlord enough to kill farm lease

It's that time of year when farm leases soon start up for another 12 months.

What happens if you have more than one landlord owning the ground you lease and only one of them gave you a notice last autumn that your year-to-year lease was not being renewed, but the other landlords told you they are happy to renew the lease for another year?

The Law Q&A | Does landlord have duty to relet to recover rent?

Does a landlord have to try to reduce his financial injury when that deadbeat tenant doesn't pay the rent?


Unless no.

Illinois law has long provided that landlords must try to mitigate their damages when money is owed by the tenant. What does that mean?

The Law Q&A | Time to review tax-code changes

We can breathe a sigh of relief that Internal Revenue Service workers are back at work, shutdown or not, because now we can press ahead with filing our returns in the newfound hope of getting those refunds from motivated IRS workers.

Let's review just a few of the changes to the tax code effective this year compliments of POTUS 45 and his Republican colleagues.

The Law Q&A | Noncompete agreements depend on situation

Before she left office earlier this month, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan settled a suit she filed against payday lending company Check into Cash of Illinois LLC to stop its practice of requiring noncompete agreements with its low-wage employees throughout Illinois.

What is a noncompete employment agreement, anyhow?

The Law Q&A | Two new state laws focus on firearm ownership

The dawn of 2019 brings the dawn of a couple new laws in Illinois enacted by its legislature which involve firearm ownership.