Brett Kepley

Brett Kepley

The Law Q&A | Laws evolving on cannabis possession

Illinois Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker announced during his campaign and after his election that he is open to signing legislation submitted by the General Assembly legalizing recreational use of cannabis.

What is the status right now of cannabis possession in the Land of Lincoln?

The Law Q&A | Can store be liable for injury in parking lot?

Now that Christmas season is upon us, it's time to get away from your computer after Cyber Monday shopping so that you can go out and injure yourself in the parking lot at the mall while you are holiday shopping.

The Law Q&A | Digging into the law on 'mineral rights'

A couple of weeks ago, a federal court ruled that dinosaur fossils found beneath the surface of a Montana ranch were a mineral right belonging to the ranch seller who reserved to seller "all minerals rights" in a deed given to the ranch buyers.

What the heck are mineral rights? How deep does one own land, anyway?

The Law Q&A | Illinois Open Meetings Act promotes government transparency

In the news recently was the disclosure that the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees held nonpublic meetings where they discussed university policies, all in possible violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

What is the Open Meetings Act? Let's open our discussion to the light of day, unlike the WIU's trustees.

The Law Q&A | Federal tax liens can be haunting

In the last episode, we left the IRS Halloween goblin garnishing wages.

In this post-Halloween episode, we discuss the ghost of Halloween future — tax liens.

What is a federal tax lien, and how does it work?

The Law Q&A | What can executive orders do?

Recently, the 45th president of the United States announced he may sign an executive order declaring persons born in the U.S. to undocumented non-U.S. citizens shall not be considered U.S. citizens.

The Law Q&A | Wage garnishment a scary part of tax debts

Double, double toil and trouble. As Halloween nears, it's that time of the year when your first IRS extension has come and gone. If you still owe taxes, you either file for another extension, or the tax reaper can begin reaping if you do not pay whatever tax is then owed.

How can the IRS phantom collect on any tax owed? Today, our lament is wage garnishments.

The Law Q&A | Commercial use of your name requires your permission

If an astronaut wears a wristwatch while walking on the moon, does the maker/retailer of that watch have the right to use the astronaut's name in connection with the sale of a replica of that timepiece? What is the law for use of a person's name or image in the commercial sale of a product or service?

The Law Q&A | Suing for civil trespass depends on the details

Harvest is nearly complete and so it's time for interlopers to start loping through the open fields to fish on ponds that are not theirs.

What is a landowner to do? Why, sue for civil trespass, of course.

The Law Q&A | Who has standing to sue someone?

At the end of September, in a suit in the District of Columbia by Democratic members of Congress against the president of the United States, a federal judge ruled that members of Congress have standing to sue POUTUS 45 for alleged violations of the emolument clauses of the Constitution.