Brett Kepley

Brett Kepley

The Law Q&A | Power of attorney can help if you can't conduct financial affairs

Suppose I need to conduct some financial affairs but am unable to do so myself because at the moment, I am in jail awaiting trial on charges of witness tampering (along with charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy against the United States).

How can I move my Swiss and Saudi slush funds around when I have no access to my cellphone or iPad?

The Law Q&A | When are you liable for your spouse's debts?

Am I liable for my spouse's debts just because I'm married to my spouse? (Wait — as opposed to being married to someone else's spouse?)

Under Illinois law, the answer is mostly no.


The Law Q&A | What does it take to vote in Illinois?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld an Ohio law which allowed voters to be "purged" from the rolls by their failure to report in.

The Law Q&A | The balancing act when rights collide

What happens when your constitutionally protected right clashes with another person's protected right? The unending dialectic of conflicting rights under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment was on display yet again in a recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion involving freedom of religious expression.

The Law Q&A | What happens to leases when real estate changes hands

Hey all you landlords and tenants, pull up a metaphorical chair and metaphorically listen close, because we're gonna talk about assignments of lease rights in the sale of real estate.

Did you know that when ownership changes hands in the middle of a lease with a tenant, the ownership change does not automatically transfer all the seller's/old landlord's rights to the buyer?