Chelsey Byers Gerstenecker

Chelsey Byers Gerstenecker

Family Life | Incorporate small changes toward dropping pounds

This article is from UI Extension Family Life intern Kyle Dickey, a senior at the University of Illinois studying interdisciplinary health sciences.

Family Life | It's never too late to quit tobacco

Today's article was written by Family Life intern Kyle Dickey, a senior at the University of Illinois studying interdisciplinary health sciences.

Family Life | 10 tips to creating healthy eating habits

This article is from UI Extension Family Life intern Emily Baine.

Given the choice between a cheeseburger and a salad, I would choose the cheeseburger. There is nothing wrong with that, but finding a healthy balance is what is key in trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture gives us 10 tips to making better food choices:

Family Life | The importance of stress relief

Today's article comes from UI Extension intern Kyle Dickey:

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but it doesn't have to overwhelm you. While you are sure to encounter your fair share of stress from various aspects of your life, it is manageable with the right approach.

Family Life | The importance of self-care for caregivers

Today's article was written by one of my interns, Emily Baine. Emily is a senior at Eastern Illinois University studying Family and Consumer Sciences.

When you spend quality time with one of your parents, you never really think, "Hey, I might be their caregiver one day."

Family Life | Resolve to be good to your brain this year

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is nearing the end of January already? 2019 is already quickly moving forward. Since many people make New Year's resolutions, I am adapting my Family Life colleague Karla Belzer's blog "Resolve to be Good to your Brain" for this month's article.

Family life | Traditions, customs help strengthen families, communities

The richest family and community heritages often stem from generations of sharing. These traditions make life more meaningful and are unique to each family.

Additionally, holidays or religious celebrations provide the foundation for creating memories.

Communities bound by neighborhoods, faith or school spirit thrive due to rich sentiment.

Family Life | Ensuring a smooth transition to a memory-care home

I spent five-and-a-half years working in a memory-care unit. I have worked with many families through the adjustment phase of moving a loved one into a skilled nursing facility as well as helping them find grace as they continue to try to communicate with their loved one while they progress through the dementia process.

Family Life | October's the time to spotlight mental health, illness

October is the month for focusing on supporting mental health and raising awareness of mental-health issues.

Family Life | Make a back-to-school list and check it twice

If your family is like ours, we have registered the kids for school and started back-to-school shopping, and there is mixed emotion in our house of anticipation for the new year and the end of summer. This time of the year can be both exciting and rough for both parents and children.

As we ease into the school season, here are some tips to help your family transition: