Chuck Koplinski

Chuck Koplinski

Chuck Koplinski | Ethan Hawke stuns in 'First Reformed'

Director/writer Paul Schrader has always been uncompromising with his art. His best screenplays ("Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull") and directorial efforts ("Affliction," "Auto Focus") deal with uncomfortable issues and are, by his own admission, often pieces of self-examination.

Chuck Koplinski | 8 is not enough: Newest 'Ocean's' sinks more than it swims

One of the reasons Stephen Soderbergh's "Ocean's Eleven" was such a success is that it contains an effortless sense of cool from a bygone era.

Chuck Koplinski | Too much gore, not much more make for so-so 'Revenge'

On average, the human body contains anywhere from 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood. Coralie Fargeat's "Revenge" does its level best to disprove this fact, as this gore-ridden, feminist vengeance flick goes out of its way to rub audiences' noses in the many gruesome events it contains.

Chuck Koplinski | 'Solo' mines fun, box-office gold from hero's past

Everything old is new again in Ron Howard's "Solo: A Star Wars Story," and that's just fine.

Chuck Koplinski | 'Deadpool 2' too much of the same

One of the secrets to the success of the character Deadpool is that he's the ultimate vicarious instrument.

Chuck Koplinski | Stars keep 'Overboard' afloat

There's really no reason for Rob Greenberg's "Overboard" to exist.

The 1987 original with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn is a perfectly serviceable light comedy that's readily available on streaming services and has become a cornerstone of the TBS movie canon.

Chuck Koplinski | Bracing 'Lean on Pete' a stunner

I knew very little about Andrew Haigh's "Lean on Pete." I had seen the poster and thought it was simply another horse-and-his-boy story.

Chuck Koplinski | After uneven start, 'Infinity War' finishes with a bang

Let's be honest: Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and producer Kevin Feige have painted themselves into a corner where "Avengers: Infinity War" is concerned.

What with an 18-movie run-up to this event and more than 20 superheroes to juggle in a single film, is there really any way this could live up to the lofty expectations they built?

Chuck Koplinski | Schumer, Bryant define 'Pretty'

Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein's "I Feel Pretty" couldn't be more timely. Their film tackles the issues of body shaming and low self-esteem, both perpetuated by the constant parading of unrealistic examples of physical perfection in the media, head on.

Chuck Koplinski | Schumer steals show, but 'Pretty' is its own worst enemy

The intention behind Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein's "I Feel Pretty" can't be faulted. The film couldn't be more timely, as it's a broadside against media representations of unrealistic physical perfection and the effect it has on women's self-image.