Chuck Koplinski

Chuck Koplinski

The Screening Room | Powerful 'Giant Little Ones' a movie for our time

I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling that "Giant Little Ones" comes from a very personal place in writer-director Keith Behrman.

The Screening Room | 'Pet Sematary' remake is obvious, boring

"Sometimes, dead is better."

So says Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), uttering a piece of advice he doesn't take in the Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer remake of "Pet Sematary." They should have applied this notion to their own misguided project, as sometimes certain movies are better dead.

The Screening Room | Joyous innocence, humor propel 'Shazam'

In 2007, the announcement that "Iron Man" would be the first superhero film based on a Marvel Comics character other than Spider-Man was met with a great deal of head-scratching among comic-book aficionados. Tony Stark's alter ego was not the most well-known character in the company's stable, and to pump millions of dollars into a big-screen feature about him seemed a folly.

The Screening Room | You better believe it: Live-action 'Dumbo' soars

As the Disney Money Machine continues to roll along, so does its series of live-action remakes of its animated classics. What with "The Jungle Book," "Cinderella" and "Beauty and the Beast" proving to be major hits — and all quite good as well — the Mouse House is going to continue this line of attack on the box office, with "Aladdin" and "The Lion King" to be released later this year.

The Screening Room | Timely, smart 'Captive State' a stunning surprise

There were advanced screenings scheduled for Focus Features' "Captive State." They were canceled. Commercials and trailers for the film were few and far between and the film opened last week with no advance reviews and little fanfare.

The Screening Room | 'Apollo 11' re-instills wonder of space travel

We've become blasé where space travel is concerned, and I suppose there are many reasons for this. NASA hasn't had any manned launches in quite some time, and perhaps the prevalence of starships zooming through the cosmos in sci-fi flicks and TV shows makes traveling in outer space seem ho-hum.

The Screening Room | Offbeat 'Captain Marvel' a pleasant surprise

As the ambitious 22-movie cycle that Marvel Studios initiated 11 years ago winds down its third phase, it seems right to pause for a minute to reflect on how groundbreaking this undertaking has been.

The Screening Room | 'Fighting With My Family' lacks knockout punch

The Knight family are a bunch of characters. The father, Ricky, has been a wrestling aficionado all of his life, so much so that he began training his children, Zak and Saraya, in the fine art of the grappling hold and pile driver at an early age.

The Screening Room | Pawlikowski's 'Cold War' lives up to its name

Pawel Pawlikowski's "Cold War" is an intensely personal film, a work based on the tumultuous relationship between his parents, a love affair that progressed in fits and starts over a number of years in post-war Europe.

The Screening Room | 'Capernaum' an astounding tale of survival, tenacity

Clint Eastwood was once asked about the importance of films in society. He responded, "Well, they're not a cure for cancer."