Chuck Koplinski

Chuck Koplinski

The Screening Room | 'MIB: International' a pointless drag

I was pretty sure the world didn't need another "Men in Black" movie. I'm sad to say that after sitting through the latest installment of the franchise, I now know I was right.

The Screening Room | 'Dark Phoenix' doesn't have much narrative fire

"The women are always saving the men around here. You may want to think about changing the name from X-Men to X-Women."

The Screening Room | Familiar but confident 'Booksmart' a wise commentary

Tell me if you've heard this one before: Two high-schoolers are intent on finding a party that all of their peers are going to. Unfortunately, they don't have the address and in trying to find it, they get caught up in one outlandish situation after another. Ultimately, they get to the soiree and come to realize that attending it wasn't worth the trouble.

The Screening Room | 'John Wick 3' delivers goods, stumbles at end

In the classic Hollywood musicals starring Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, it wasn't uncommon for them to use props as they danced. In addition to their partners — which included Jerry the Mouse on one occasion — they utilized canes, chairs, hats and whatever other objects might be at hand, and would hoof it up on stage, the byways of New York City, a rainy urban street or even a revolving room.

The Screening Room | Moving 'Mary Magdalene' provides a fresh perspective

In 591, Pope Gregory determined that according to his interpretation of the gospels, Mary Magdalene was a prostitute who existed on the periphery of Jesus' life, present at key moments but never a major player where the spreading of his word was concerned.

Chuck Koplinski | Ice Cube's son blazing own trial in front of, behind camera

With legendary rapper Ice Cube as his father, O'Shea Jackson Jr. is no stranger to the world of movies, as he often visited the sets where his dad shot his many films. He's also no stranger to living in the shadow of his famous father, something that was heightened when he made his big-screen debut playing — who else — his pops in "Straight Outta Compton."

The Screening Room | Stars' unlikely chemistry helps 'Long Shot' pay off

I have a feeling that Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen will not go down in cinematic history as this generation's Hepburn and Tracy. Yet based on their recent collaboration in "Long Shot," I'd be willing to watch another film or two with them.

The Screening Room | A perfect 'Endgame' to a marvelous saga

Expectations couldn't be higher for Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame," arguably the most anticipated movie in film history.

The Screening Room | Powerful 'Giant Little Ones' a movie for our time

I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling that "Giant Little Ones" comes from a very personal place in writer-director Keith Behrman.