Dan McCaleb

Dan McCaleb

Dan McCaleb | Illinois facing jobs crisis with latest policy initiatives

With no warning, an Illinois community learned this week it is losing almost 1,400 jobs.

Is the decision by Fiat Chrysler to lay off 1,371 workers at its plant in Belvidere in north central Illinois the result of hurtful policy positions by freshman Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Democratic supermajorities in the General Assembly?

Dan McCaleb | Spin machine on full throttle in tax debate

Should those who make more money pay a higher percentage of their wages in state income taxes than others who make less? I have a strong opinion about this topic but concede it's a fair question and one we should engage around honest debate.

"Honest" being the key word in that last sentence. So far, the discussion has been anything but.

Dan McCaleb | Limited school choices hurt Illinoisans

Imagine a life without choices.

One in which there's just a single option available to you for most everything.

Lunchtime? Enjoy your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or go hungry.

Need a car? Take this Mitsubishi Mirage and like it.

Baseball in July in Chicago? Well, at least the White Sox are playing.

Doesn't sound like much of a free society, does it?

Dan McCaleb | Illinois State Capitol remains an unsafe workplace

The best journalists are the ones who ask tough but fair questions. Ethically challenged politicians don't like those journalists and often try to silence them because they don't like the questions being asked.

Dan McCaleb | Rauner has little to show for in his term in office

Writing the obituary on Gov. Bruce Rauner's one term in office shouldn't be difficult. He promised a lot, accomplished little and was thoroughly rejected when he asked voters for a second chance.

During the past four years, our already-too-high taxes went up — considerably. And so did spending, despite his campaign promise to reduce both.

Dan McCaleb | Two wrongs don't make a right in 'Fight for $15' debate

The "Fight for $15" an hour is back in Illinois, although it's not likely to be much of a fight, and this time, there's a bit of a twist.

Democratic Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker is telling anyone who will listen that he wants to gradually raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour starting in the first six months of his term that begins in January.

Dan McCaleb | Target's choice highlights Chicago's, Illinois' poor policy decisions

Picketers rallied outside a Chicago Target store this week, protesting the retail giant's decision to close two stores on the city's South Side.

That's their right, but perhaps these picketers also should have rallied outside of City Hall — and the state Capitol in Springfield — to protest the types of poor policy decisions that make it difficult for businesses in Illinois to succeed.

Dan McCaleb | Congress should make Medicaid work requirements mandatory

Requiring healthy, childless welfare recipients to work — or undergo job training — to continue receiving taxpayer-funded benefits is practical.

Dan McCaleb | Pension crisis grows as politicians do nothing

In Illinois, even the best-funded public pension systems aren't well-funded at all.

Lawmakers have known about this growing crisis for more than two decades but still refuse to act.

It's a head-scratcher that's going to devastate communities and leave future public retirees receiving just pennies on their pension dollars.

First, a quick review:

Dan McCaleb | Base raises on merit, not 'steps'

It's been two weeks since Illinois lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner began congratulating themselves for passing what they claimed was a balanced budget that spends every bit of last summer's $5 billion tax increase.