George Will

George Will

George Will | Madness of college hoops goes well beyond March

WASHINGTON — Until last week, it seemed that the Division I college basketball industry could produce nothing more risible than its pieties about cherishing the amateurism of the "student-athletes" who generate, but get mere crumbs of, the industry's billions.

George Will | Democrats get tantalizing sense of possibilities

GRIFFIN, Ga. — "Life happens," Stacey Abrams instructs a small but boisterous crowd in a sun-drenched park south of Atlanta. She says: Your car breaks down. Your child gets sick. Could happen on Election Day. So, vote early. Today.

George Will | Arizona voters can save judiciary from politcal spiral

WASHINGTON — This year's election that most implicates fundamental issues of American governance will not fill a legislative or executive office. And its importance is not primarily that it will either repudiate or reward dishonesty and cynicism in the service of factional grasping.

George Will | An epidemic of loneliness in America

WASHINGTON — If Sen. Ben Sasse is right — he has not recently been wrong about anything important — the nation's most-discussed political problem is entangled with the least-understood public health problem. The political problem is furious partisanship. The public health problem is loneliness.

George Will | 'Constitution of knowledge' prevails

WASHINGTON — On the road again, and full of indignation about, or perhaps admiration for, what he called "made-up" and "fabricated" Democratic accusations during the recent judicial confirmation turmoil, America's feral president swerved into a denunciation of a nonexistent bill — "It's called 'the open borders bill'" — that, he thundered, "every single Democrat" in the Senate has "signed up fo

George Will | America's disturbing plunge into protectionism

WASHINGTON — The descent of American capitalism into a racket is being greased by professed capitalists in government, in collaboration with professed capitalists in what is called, with decreasing accuracy, the private sector.

George Will | America should do away with death penalty

WASHINGTON — Without being aware of it, Vernon Madison might become a footnote in constitutional law because he is barely aware of anything. For more than 30 years, Alabama, with a tenacity that deserves a better cause, has been trying to execute him for the crime he certainly committed, the 1985 murder of a police officer.

George Will | A maelstrom of insincerities

WASHINGTON — The current era of scorched-earth politics began five years after there was, according to Christine Blasey Ford, in 1982, an alcohol-soaked party in a suburban Washington home. There her 15-year-old self was, she says, assaulted by 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, who categorically denies this accusation.

George Will | In Texas, a Democratic template for national victory in 2020

HOUSTON — Nationally, the Democratic Party, which gave indispensable assistance ("Basket of deplorables"!) to the election of today's president, seems intent ("Impeach!"; "Abolish ICE!"; "Free stuff!", "I am Spartacus!") on a repeat performance.

George Will | Government's guidance on campus rape deserves another look

WASHINGTON — The assault on civil rights that was mandated by the civil rights division of Barack Obama's Education Department might soon abate.