George Will

George Will

George Will | Final queries for Judge Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON — Four decades ago, New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, an intellectual Democrat, observed with amazement and regret that Republicans had become the party of ideas.

George Will | Questions over Kavanaugh confirmation

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans and Democrats are at daggers drawn over confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Instead, they should unsheathe some questions designed to illuminate the excitement of constitutional reasoning.

George Will | America is overdue for another Lehman-like episode

WASHINGTON — Eric Sevareid (1912-1992), the author and broadcaster, said he was a pessimist about tomorrow but an optimist about the day after tomorrow. Regarding America's economy, prudent people should reverse that.

George Will | If you want peace, prepare for war

WASHINGTON — Scholars have already debated for decades, and will debate for centuries, the role U.S. policies — military, diplomatic, economic — played in bringing the Cold War to endgame and the Soviet Union to extinction.

George Will | The conscience of the present

"Science, like the Mississippi, begins in a tiny rivulet in the distant forest." — Abraham Flexner

George Will | Will New Jersey send a Republican to the Senate?

"This human nature is shabby stuff, as you may know from introspection." — Peter De Vries

George Will | Don't fix baseball, even if it may be broken

WASHINGTON — It is a prudential axiom: If it isn't broken, don't fix it. This reflects the awareness that things can always be made worse, and the law of unintended consequences, which is that they often are larger than and contrary to intended ones.

George Will | What might a socialist American government do?

Polly: He's a socialist but he doesn't like people.
Brian: Nor do I, much.
Polly: You're a conservative. You don't have to.

— From "Getting On," by Alan Bennett

George Will | Supreme Court corrects itself

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is especially admirable when correcting especially deplorable prior decisions, as with the 1954 school desegregation decision rejecting a 1896 decision's "separate but equal" doctrine. It did so again last Wednesday, overturning a 41-year-old precedent inimical to the First Amendment.

George Will | This November, cast your vote against the GOP

WASHINGTON — Amid the carnage of Republican misrule in Washington, there is this glimmer of good news: The family-shredding policy along the southern border, which was merely the most telegenic recent example of misrule, clarified something.