Jessica Bursztynsky

Jessica Bursztynsky

It's nearly opening day for Academy High

CHAMPAIGN — A dream derived from the late-night ramblings of a married couple is 10 days away from coming true.

NOW: Christensen's attorney: 'I think this case could go on a year or more'

URBANA — Brendt Christensen’s federal kidnapping trial has been set for Sept. 12 in Urbana.

Eight days after being indicted for the kidnapping of visiting Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang, Christensen was formally arraigned Thursday afternoon at the federal courthouse in Urbana.

UI construction: New everything for golden oldie

The problems

Housing several offices, military programs, an indoor track and lectures, the Armory (est. 1912) is one of the UI's most versatile spaces. It's also one of its most overdue for fixes, many of which are happening this summer.

The solutions (part 1)

UI trustees approve new hires, expenses, degrees

CHICAGO — In their first regular session since the state passed a budget, University of Illinois trustees signed off on more than 30 agenda items, including the hiring of staff, added expenses for capital projects and two new academic degrees.

LIVE: UI trustees in Chicago

CHICAGO — The Board of Trustees approved over 30 agenda items on Thursday, including the establishment and elimination of academic programs, the appointment of Danita Young Brown as vice chancellor for student affairs, and budget increases for various construction projects.

The majority of the board approved each measure.

Urbana United World Colleges student: 'I feel like I live my dream life'

Seventeen-year-old Zina Dolan would describe her high school as the "world's best-kept secret."

The Urbana native attends the sole American campus of the United World Colleges, a school that promotes the International Baccalaureate at 17 campuses across the world. Because of a wealthy donor, Shelby Davis, American students who are accepted are guaranteed full scholarships.

UI renovations: So much to do

On Mondays throughout the summer, we'll spotlight 10 of the 50-plus construction projects happening on the UI campus while the students are away. Today in Part 3: Recreation center upgrades.

The problems

Agendas on display in some reports about missing scholar

URBANA — The kidnapping case of Yingying Zhang has grabbed the attention of those all over the world — including state-run Chinese news outlets.

Media organizations, including China Central Television, Xinhua and People's Daily, have consistently dedicated resources to providing coverage of the case since Ms. Zhang, a visiting Chinese scholar, was reported missing June 9.

NOW: Bail denied; Christensen allegedly described 'characteristics of an ideal victim' at vigil

The search for Yingying Zhang: Day 26

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URBANA — Brendt Christensen will be held in jail indefinitely until he goes on trial in the kidnapping of Yingying Zhang, U.S. Magistrate Judge Eric Long ruled Wednesday.