Jim Dey

Jim Dey

Jim Dey | Illinois Supreme Court may give juvenile killer a break on sentence

When it comes to juveniles who commit murder, how long of a prison sentence is too long, at least in the constitutional sense?

That was a question the Illinois Supreme Court wrestled with Tuesday in just one of a series of pending cases that raise that very question.

Jim Dey | Promises, promises from Pritzker — but of what, exactly?

New Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker delivered a warm, buoyant inaugural address Monday, general enough not to ruffle too many feathers but specific enough to thrill his supporters.

Jim Dey | Rauner's parting acts contradict his words

In one of his final official acts as governor, Bruce Rauner demonstrated why he was a maddening political mystery to so many people.

Jim Dey | If state isn't growing, is it shrinking?

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner will turn into a pumpkin Monday, at least in the political sense.

His four-year term ends with the swearing-in of Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker, the billionaire Democratic businessman who crushed Republican Rauner's bid for a second term in the November election.

Jim Dey | Was 'messed up' murder confession legal? Just barely, appeals court says

Weep no tears for Decatur hoodlum Matthew Higgins-Vogt.

He's a bad guy. That's why he's serving a 60-year sentence in federal prison.

Higgins-Vogt's partner in crime — Kelton Snyder — is even worse. Snyder is serving a life sentence.

Jim Dey | Tarnished Madigan rehabbing his public persona

Democratic Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker is the man of the hour in Springfield as well as communities all around Illinois where citizens keep track of the debased state of the state of Illinois.

With the 53-year-old Pritzker to be sworn into office Monday, there's intense speculation about how he'll fare in the herculean task of addressing this state's dire financial problems.

Jim Dey | Define 'I've done nothing wrong,' Alderman Burke

If a giant tree in Chicago falls, are the reverberations felt in the rest of Illinois?

They are if the tree is named Ed Burke, the powerful Chicago alderman charged last week in an extortion scheme.

Jim Dey | New inspector general, same old lack of accountability

There's big news out of Springfield on the ethics-in-government front.

"For lawmakers, a new watchdog versed in harassment cases," the Chicago Tribune headlined a story about the appointment of a new legislative inspector general.

Jim Dey | A distasteful lawsuit in these Fannie May boxes

Everyone loves chocolate, a favorite gift this time of year.

Who can resist those Fannie May Pixies or Mint Meltaways? They make the mouths of even the most discriminating customers water.

Jim Dey | Newly elected Democratic legislator standing up to Madigan

A newly elected Democratic state representative from Naperville is shaping up as the most interesting — and dramatic — legislator in the new General Assembly that will take office in January.