Jim Dey

Jim Dey

Jim Dey | Legal fight over Janus decision drenched in ruthless politics

As the U.S. Supreme Court approached adjournment of its 2016-17 session in late June, it released a landmark decision in an Illinois case involving workers rights — Janus v. AFSCME.

Jim Dey | Convicted murderer is a threat, in or out of prison

Whether convicted murderer Maurice Wallace is evil, crazy or both is an issue only experts can resolve, if, in fact, it can be resolved at all.

But he's a problem, and the question is what state prison officials are to do with him.

Jim Dey's Hot Corner: Mark Glennon

This week, a discussion about the state of Illinois' dire financial situation with MARK GLENNON, the executive director of Wirepoints.com, an online research, comment and commentary website devoted to issues impacting the Land of Lincoln.

A sampling of political columnist JIM DEY's conversation:

Jim Dey | Union effectiveness the issue in wake of Janus ruling

There's going to be significant fallout from the June 25 U.S. Supreme Court decision that held that nonmembers of public-employee unions can no longer be required to pay fees to unions. But it appears it's going to take awhile to sort out.

Jim Dey | In Illinois, ethics rules are written not to work

Illinois government can be farcical, sometimes by accident and sometimes by design.

Recent action by the Illinois State Board of Elections provides a brilliant example of farce by design. The subject of the board's inquiry involved the highly questionable campaign spending of Auditor General and former state Rep. Frank Mautino.

Jim Dey | Judge's trial schedule gives Schock's lawyers time they need

Defense lawyers in the corruption case of former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock didn't get the formal trial delay they sought, but they did get the time they want to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.

U.S. District Judge Colin Bruce ruled Friday that jury selection in Schock's case will begin Jan. 28, 2019, and he expects the trial to take "all of February and the first week of March."

Jim Dey | Caught napping by a Nazi, state GOP paying the price

Is Bruce Rauner, the multimillionaire businessman and governor of Illinois, a closet Nazi? Or a Nazi sympathizer? Or soft on Nazis?

To raise those questions is laughable. Rauner, who is seeking a second term in the November election, is a traditional Republican who's considered to be too liberal by some of his fellow party members.

Jim Dey | St. Clair County judge's troubles fewer, but still serious

Ronald Duebbert, a would-be circuit judge in scandal-plagued St. Clair County, has been down so long it looks like up to him.

But Duebbert, the subject of several columns in this space, got some good news this week. Criminal charges against him were dismissed.

However, he still faces a date before Illinois' Judicial Inquiry Board.

Jim Dey | Take it from Erika Harold: Running for office is a marathon

For people wondering just how big Illinois is, there's a great way to find out — run for statewide office.

The statistics — 102 counties, 12.5 million people — paint a picture.

But until it's mandatory to traverse the state from top to bottom and side to side day after day, mornings through evenings, it's just a theoretical marathon.

Jim Dey | Ousted Marquette professor gets his job back

Free speech on college campuses continues to be a source of controversy. But the Wisconsin Supreme Court last week struck a blow for freedom of expression when it ruled that a Marquette University professor effectively fired three years ago is entitled to reinstatement and back pay.